Holy Grail Discovery

May 28, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

· Irrefutable evidence that our ancestors used snake venom and blood in the creation of a substance which they called the Elixir of Life and that this was brought together in an arcane “mixing bowl” which became known as the Holy Grail

· An extraordinary account of the quest for the truth behind The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone

· Astonishing new findings that lead us right back to the very origins of civilization and the roots of our modern belief systems

· Ground breaking proof that The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone are one and the same

· Radical demystification of the stories and mythology that have mesmerized entire generations

· Conclusive identification of a link between modern religious beliefs and ‘Serpent Cults’ of the ancient world
In a profound and provocative work of scholarly detection, best-selling author Philip Gardiner shakes the foundations of modern belief by at last revealing the true origins of The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone. Shrouded in mystery, these highly enigmatic symbols have long been revered and The Serpent Grail proves, without doubt, that all three are inextricably linked, originating from the same ancient source.
For many of us, these three mysterious objects derive from Arthurian legend, or the curious work of the medieval alchemists, but this book reveals that they date back from a much earlier period – from the dawn of human history itself.
Basing his findings on a wealth of detailed research, Gardiner’s own quest has been something of an adventure and his book presents plausible and fascinating new evidence about the foundations of religious belief and how over the centuries information has been deliberately and systematically distorted.
In an argument with enormous implications, Gardiner identifies key facts which link all three symbols to the same ancient cult – a cult which believed that the mythical serpent was, a ‘beneficent life force’ and its physical counterpart, the snake, an irreverent provider of the ‘elixir of life’

The Serpent Grail is a gripping read, a work based on a lifetime of research that provides the indisputable fact that, The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone are one and the same, in that they are all metaphors for spiritual enlightenment. This book takes the reader on a fascinating exploration of ancient myth, archaeology, etymology, religion, science, and much, much more.

The Serpent Grail is published by Watkins on 15th September 2005,

Hardback priced £16.99 ISBN 1 84293 129 6

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