Businesses are Improving the Performance of Key Executives by Utilizing NLP Training

July 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Glasgow, Scotlan July 2007 Neuro linguistic programming has experienced increased exposure in the last few years, much of which has been attributed to the recognition that it has gained from managers as well as life and business coaches. The technique is considered to be effective in limiting personal boundaries, allowing people to reach their full potential. While the function of NLP is not limited to companies training their employees, the effectiveness of this coupled with the clear financial benefits has lead to rapid growth in this specific aspect of utilising NLP.

Within companies, large and small, ensuring that they manage to attain the most from their staff is a key aspect in strategic development, reducing labour-associated overheads, and increasing sales. Despite that, less than 10% of businesses within the UK train their staff in anything beyond the operations which they will undertake.

Through choosing to invest in NLP training, businesses can experience a tangible difference according to Jeff Goodwin of NLP Scotland ( ) :"in a service based company, for example, when someone manages to work 20% more effectively then you have gained a competitive advantage which you can use to deliver value to your clients or increase margins. In a sales department, the results are also just as tangible when you see employees increasing conversion rates and their total sales tally for the end of the week going up Although these are all goals which NLP can help achieve, it is also important to understand that the value that it offers goes beyond that it can make employees happier, more motivated and more loyal towards serving your goals and their targets."

The techniques that NLP Scotland ( ) employ are treated with such high regard, that they also offer certification programs where by they teach others to be able to train in neuro linguistic programming. While certain providers have slightly different approaches to how they use NLP and implement it, Jeff Goodwin explains the fundamentals that help to define what it means: NLP involves firstly evaluating someone who has achieved excellence, as the client perceives it, in a field in which they would like to improve. NLP is then the process of using that person's success, to improve the clients success by a process called modelling.

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