Changing Tyres on the Data Highway

July 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dublin, Ireland, July 08, 2007 – Amidst the trend towards numerous results delivered by established search engines, the recently launched Internet portal orientates car drivers who are going to change their tyres for the warmer seasons. Equipped with a customized search mask for the automotive sector, the portal has succeeded in providing consumers with an appropriate and safe online advisory service.

A decisive point for the portal’s development can be seen in a conversation of two search engine experts at the network that treated the potential of electronic advisors in the safety products’ sector. After the wife of one of them had bought her new tyres on the Internet in April 2006, her car was sent skidding off the bend. Therefore, her husband doubted that search engine results could provide a good orientation in this field.

The conversation convinced both participants that search services had to carry a considerable amount of social responsibility. As a result, they suggested the concept for at the next meeting. In more than six months of project collaboration and adjoining test runs, the team created a plan for the ideal search engine in the tyres sector. Departing from the consumers’ needs, the makers developed increasingly concrete search criteria, so that could be launched with its present features in the beginning of 2007.

In addition to basic categories like van tyres, car tyres, motorcycle tyres, and alloy wheels, the new portal also provides sections for opinions as well as for suggestions concerning tyres. Users can also specify their needs in customized search masks in order to receive a filtered selection of current offers. Differing from conventional search engines, guarantees safety by an appropriate filtration and not by a seemingly objective range of URLs that can be characterized by its endless nature.

One of the most recent creations by the network of vertical sites, the Internet search guide forms an example of the network’s innovative consumer orientation. Active since the end of 2003, the network’s team of passionate Internet professionals pursues the goal of implementing an everyday guide to the constantly growing offer of electronically provided information, products, and services. In short, publicizes news on the Internet, serving markets that are as different as Italy, Spain, and France on the one hand and Germany, Holland, and the UK on the other. Resulting in 35 launches of new Internet portals in 2007 alone, is created and managed by Go Advertising Limited in Dublin, Ireland.