Highway2PerfectHealth Awarded Presigious American association of Webmasters Silver Award

July 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Highway2PerfectHealth, a virtual online magazine style website, is proud to announce, it is the recipient of the silver award for 2007-2008, making them eligible for the Website of the Year, later this year.The award is issued by the American Association of Webmasters, which was founded to promote high standards for development and positive contribution to the internet community.

Highway2perfectHealth was among 18 websites that were awarded the silver level award for June, 2007. Other June, 2007 silver winners included winningworkplaces.org, globalpetinsurance.com, websitedesignbyaparvision.com and winepress.us, among others.

Any website owner or webmaster may submit their site for review. The selection is based on established criteria, and reviewed by a panel of judges who have a minimum 5 years in web design and/or internet marketing . Briefly, there are 4 main categories with subcategories for each, which are assigned a point value, with a possible 100 points being the highest.

Points during the selection process , are added or deducted, depending on whether the criteria are met. The category that carries the heaviest weight is Design and Creativity, with a possible 40 points. Next is content with 30, followed by navigation with 15 then script and technical, also 15.

According to the most recent statistics recorded, the award program, since inception in 2002, has received over 36,000 entries. Of that number, approximately 40% do not qualify for an award, about 24% receive the bronze award, 19% receive the silver, and around 16% receive the gold.

Company Review:

The virtual company offers a fine line of products on their site that are designed to improve or enhance a healthier lifestyle. Dry Saunas, water filtration, exercise equipment, health supplements for people and pets, diet plans and quality cookware for preparing those healthy meals at home are among the offerings found throughout the site and in the Vitamin Health Shop.

More importantly, the site is focused on health, diet and fitness. This is represented in the company logo, which incorporates a tri-color symbol with the three bands of color representing these goals, and strives to provide the tools necessary in pursuing the goal of perfect health. Nutritional information and resources empowering the reader to make the best decisions for themselves and their families are abundant throughout the site.

Pages chock full of articles, such as, smoking cessation, recipes based on the food pyramid, foods that lower cholesterol, teaching kids nutrition and even one devoted to the beloved family pet are only part of what awaits you when you make the Highway2PerfectHealth.com, your online healthy living destination.

Comments from some readers:

"When browsing the site I came across the baby nutrition content and found it very useful. Some of the fruits and veggies that were listed as important for my baby I never thought of feeding him. I will be trying some of them with my son now. Thank-you."

"This is a fantastic website offering you loads of tips for a much healthier lifestyle. The name "Highway to perfect health" describes exactly what this website does. The colours are very striking, and this site is not only easy but also fun to use. Top marks!"

"I am definitely, going to bookmark your site. Health issues are the main topic for my age group, not to mention everyone, and the presentation you offer maintains us focused and eager for more. Good work and congratulations. Enjoy the promotions."

"You will bookmark this site I promise you! It has the best compendium of health-related information presented in a fun not preachy fashion. Terrific links and very well researched. Thanks for doing this for those of us who need to make healthier choices!