C-MOR, za-security’s IP Video System, enables the video surveillance and video analyses of process flows in the Experimental Operating Room at the University of Tübingen.

July 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
At the University of Tübingenís hospital, the unique project of the Experimental Operating Room was
established. The goal is to develop the operating room of the future in terms of work flow, room design
and device techonology and C-MOR provides the capability to do this.
The operating rooms of today offer a fast-paced, dynamic environment with rapid development of new
techniques. The constant change in the development of; medical technology, devices, instruments,
operating methods, and working techniques of the operating staff result in extremely high costs to
maintain the operating rooms. The costs associated with change are so extensive that they often prohibit
a hospital from implementing the latest technology.
The objectives of the ambitious project team at Tübingen are to optimize operating rooms and lower the
cost related to managing them. All future development of new tools and techniques will be tested by the
team. This includes everything from the width of a new operating table to the development of smooth
workflow within the surgical teams. In addition, technical aspects such as prevention of air pollution,
illumination or ergonomic instruments will be put to test.
The development team will work closely with all surgical disciplines of the University hospital. The team
will also include members from all technical faculties, such as medical technology, engineering,

organizations of the electronic alliance, electronic and information technology, as well as other research
This project is financed by the University of Tübingenís hospital and the Medical Faculty of the University
of Tübingen. Additional funds will be provided by the industry and the German State Baden-
Starting in spring 2007, the 1.000 square meter laboratory and 200 square meter office space of
Experimental Operating Room will provide a unique, international platform for research and development
in medical technology. C-MOR will be there to provide the ideal IP video surveillance of all devices. In
addition C-MOR will provide the platform to analyze the flow of work in the operating room and to
optimize the ergonomic layout of new operating rooms. The findings and developments from this project
will be implemented at hospitals worldwide.
Additional information about this project is provided at www.experimental-op.de.