TSD Announces Integration of Electronic Signature Capture with Rental Car Management Software Solutions

July 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
TSD (www.tsd-inc.com), the #1 provider of car rental software and loaner management software for more than 20 years, has developed an interface designed to work with the Orion Systems, Inc. (www.orisys.com) signature capture technology. Now, rental car companies with TSD RENTAL Management Software solutions will have a way to capture and electronically store customer signatures on the rental contract.

“The method of capturing signatures utilizes a signature pad similar to those found in most retail outlets today,” noted Eric J. Peterson, Chief Technology Officer at TSD. “The interface that TSD has developed allows the signature to be integrated directly into our rental management software and then applied to the signature block of the rental agreement. This contract is then stored at our state-of-the-art data center where the highest standards in security measures are applied.”

“Orion Systems eContract Signer is fully compliant with the strict regulations associated not only with signature capture, but the process of protecting and storing that data,” stated Dawn-Marie Nelson, Vice President of Business Development for Orion Systems, Inc. “When a signature is captured electronically, the contract becomes legally binding, irrefutable, tamper proof and unalterable.” The TSD rental agreements with signatures are archived in the unalterable, WORM (Write Once, Read Many) method, required by law.

Benefits to the management of rental car companies are faster processing of customer contracts, elimination of the need to print and store physical signed contracts, and the ability to electronically access signed contracts. Customers can walk away and be emailed a signed copy of the rental agreement. There is no longer a need to scan signed contracts in order to store them electronically. An encrypted version of the contract is transferred to the secure data center utilized by TSD.

For more information, contact TSD Sales at 800-743-1200 or email sales@tsd-inc.com.

About TSD:
TSD is the #1 provider of rental and loaner management software and solutions, with thousands of installations and over 20 years of experience. Since 1983, TSD has specialized in dealership and local market car rental and loaner technology. TSD has remained committed to bringing innovation, technology, and quality to the car rental industry. TSD delivers the optimum products and services to increase accuracy and controls, improve customer service, and maximize profits by giving dealerships and rental companies the tools they need to manage their businesses. Visit http://www.tsd-inc.com or call 800-743-1200 for more information.

About Orion Systems, Inc. (eContract Signer):
Headquartered in Burlington, Mass. privately held Orion Systems, Inc. is the premiere provider of secure eSignature and biometric capture software and non-repudiation solutions for business critical applications, and is the holder of the foremost patent in the eSignature industry. Millions of secure business transactions rely on Orion’s secure eSignature process to eliminate the inherent insecurity of paper, to increase and ensure the security of personal information, provide non-repudiation and authentication solutions and exhibit compliance with national and international eSignature, privacy, and other laws and regulations. For more information on our secure eSignature software, please visit www.orisys.com.