WISH International Launches New Campaign, Builds on Shopping Opportunities in “Detroit”

July 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Livonia, MI—(July 11, 2007)— Luxury is a word we hear more and more. It is all around us, competing for our attention from every newsstand and TV screen, to every shop window and billboard. "But what are we actually getting when we ‘buy into’ luxury? A premium product or a bitter disappointment?” said William Kaafarani, president and CEO, WISH International.

WISH Shop is the leading conference on the luxury industry will seek to examine these questions by challenging the defined concept of luxury. The conference will bring together leading names from the world of premium quality brands to discuss and debate the direction of today’s luxury industry, from its democratization to it’s marketing, from investing in luxury brands to investing through luxury products.

WISH Shop a business-to-business conference for industry professionals to offer their prestigious brands of products to millions of customers. WISH Shop will incorporate a complete ‘luxury experience’ –a showcase of the goods that allow one to really live luxury and escape to world-wide countries to discover their exclusive products from home. Exhibitors from wide ranging sectors will bring together the special and sought after pieces that make this market unique for the benefit of our audience of senior industry executives and high net worth individuals.

WISH Shop in Detroit is a promotional and marketing campaign of many opportunities still available in the City of Detroit. Its mission is to attract, encourage and induce all persons and organizations to Work, Invest, Shop, and make Detroit their Home. WISH International markets and promotes all segments of the community as a preferred destination.

WISH Shop in Detroit serves as an invaluable resource in promoting Detroit's Shopping Opportunities and luxury goods. Additionally, WISH Shop in Detroit provides support to new industries like the Film Industry by assisting filmmakers in identifying possible locations within the State, negotiating city services and other location needs and costs.
About WISH International
WISH International is the leading consulting and marketing firm and first to provide the affluent consumers globally with a wide variety of opportunities to meet their holistic needs. Its mission is to match all affluent persons and organizations to Work, Invest, Shop and make selected high paying market-oriented global cities as their Home.
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