July 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
An innovative new product that was developed by a group of young promoters from the ORT EBIN High School in Ramat Gan ISRAEL and won first prize in a competition "Young PromotorsTake Off with El Al", is going to be marketed throughout the world. AVI MAROM the chairman of Marom F.G.P. Ltd. in Kfar Saba announced that his company will promote the marketing of the product to international airline companies, passenger ship lines, hotel chains and also will present the product at the world duty free and passenger products fair in Cannes this autumn.

The "Pandora" Company from Ort Ebin in Ramat Gan won first place with their product "MISHCHAVRESHET" toothpaste and a toothbrush in one product, where the toothbrush acts as the cap for the tube of toothpaste. The group, under the guidance of the lawyers Hani Aviram and Niv Tzur, from Bank Leumi, and also Michael Weinman from the school, won a trophy and a NIS5,000 prize, that was awarded to them by the Managing Director of El Al, Haim Romano.

The competition was the outcome of co-operation between El Al and the organization "Young Israeli Promotors", established by Bank Leumi, who runs a study program of business promotion for youth.

At a meeting that took place this week between the young promoters, the business moderators from Bank Leumi, the lawyers Hani Aviram and Niv Tzur and Avi Marom, the Chairman of Marom F.G.P. Ltd, Kfar Saba the largest flag manufacturer, promotional products and give away items company in the Middle East, it was agreed that the Israeli company will promote, manufacture and market the product throughout the world. Marom F.G.P. from Kfar Saba has been connected for some 23 years in these areas with shipping companies, railway companies and airline companies all over the world.

Hani Aviram stressed the educational value of the program within whose framework the group of young people operated, developing the product from the planning stage until its final development, including the establishment of a proper business company with a management team and distribution of shares.

Avi Marom mentioned that he decided to be recruited into manufacturing and marketing the student company's product because he saw that by doing so he could encourage the creativeness amongst the students and also help them in achieving a dream to be an international company. Avi Marom also said, the activity would be spread throughout both Israel and the rest of the world: that regarding the product, the Marom Company would make contact with all their clients throughout the world and in Israel: airline companies, passenger ship companies, hotel chains who would distribute the product on their business floors, inter country train lines such as the Orient Express. In addition, the product would be offered to companies for sales promotion, to national dental product and dental hygiene companies.

The product will also be presented by him at the World Duty Free Fair in Cannes, where this autumn hundreds of representatives of companies from all over the world dealing in the duty free field and passenger products will gather.

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