Every photograph entered in PX3 is a winner for photographer/cinematographer: Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile

July 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York, NY July 2007- Los Angeles and New York based artist, fine art photographer, cinematographer and director, Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile, wins four fine art photography awards in PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, a worldwide competition - 39,481 public votes were cast.

Crescenzo is a provocateur; his images evoke a moment in time reflecting his metaphysical connection to humanity. He probes people and environments that are of personal intrigue, while at other times, he investigates beauty by peeling away its superficial layers, to expose the inner core - or, as he calls it, the "photographic aura". Fine art photography is Crescenzo’s life’s rhythm – his breath to sustain his existence and purpose.

“Tree” features a milky white nude female figure in repose in a tangle of knotted trees, shot with infrared film. Crescenzo says, “This film enables me to go to surreal levels of light and dark. It is an unknown, having no film speed, so I expose and go with my gut and experience. This is a magical film because it’s heat sensitive, allowing me to reach into mystifying areas - exposing skin into a milky white glow – depending on how overexposed, how much sun, light, or heat is on the subject; or creating dramatically black skies in the middle of a bright day. Eliminating certain levels in the heat and color spectrum by utilizing a red filter provides vivid and surreal results.”

“Stairs”, “Fanta” and “Japanese Subway Platform” are Decisive Moments captured in the tradition of Henri Cartier Bresson. Crescenzo's images focus on the human condition and sensitivity toward reflection, introspection, intimacy, humor and sadness. His work exhibits a great deal of strength in personal perspective with a focus on narrative lyricism. Crescenzo says, “I never use a flash, I refract natural light by way of mirrors or bounce boards. For me, this is organic”. Also Crescenzo crops and positions at the moment of his click. He says, “This is important, to be true with myself, in terms of how I see things at that moment, how I respond to my sensibilities, where I position my body and the geometry before me at that exact time.”

Also an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, Crescenzo’s lenses music videos for everyone - from the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Tupac to U2 – and many high profile national commercials such as American Express, Pepsi, Gatorade, Chanel, Revlon, Cover Girl, DKNY, AT&T. You see his direction of photography every Friday night on GHOST WHISPERER the #1 show for CBS, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, inspired in part by the work of mediums James Van Praagh and Mary Ann Winkowski. The show explores the spiritual side of life and death – a perfect frame for Crescenzo’s creative motion picture camera work.

Crescenzo’s art is fueled by his personal journeys and self discoveries outside of his home in the United States; most of the photographs honored here were made during his international travels, captured in the course of his daily life, showing his adroit composition and his gift for seeing the world’s happenstances photographically. His work relies on an apparent human narrative and it is distinguished by a sensibility that raises our consciousness of how the world around us can be poetically envisioned and humanized.

Crescenzo has become a major force in the photography world transcending the balance between an introverted fine-art photography life, and an extroverted commercial filmmaking career. Photography allows him to privately explore and hold onto his true identity as an artist, with no collaboration other than his own mind, eye, heart and senses. It is his own silent dialogue triumphant over time and transcendent into our subconscious.

Currently Crescenzo is working on a new body of work – large scale, mural size photographs on silk, and a book project – a photographic essay of children from around the world.

For more information on Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile, or to view his portfolios, please visit www.CrescenzoNotarile.com

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