A New Web Solution is Ready to Change The PPC Optimization Philosophy

July 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NeoProfit Projects released a new innovative web-based solution that promises to bring PPC campaigns the new level of profitability.

In the growing competitiveness of the PPC market, affiliate marketers and advertisers around the globe were striving for all-in-one management, tracking and optimization solution that would help them to dynamically optimize landing pages, fight back click-fraud and track performance of each keyword using auto-generated IDs without a need of adding special tracking codes.

Nowadays successful PPC advertising requires not only a flawless keyword targeting and increased landing page relevancy, but a scrupulous keyword tracking and uncovering of a new search demand and profitable referral sources of traffic as well.

This is what comprises the difference between a profit-pulling campaign and a lost campaign and this is what the new innovative web-system represents:

+ Dynamic researching of top-performing search keywords and referring websites
+ Dynamic performance tracking on all three levels: keyword, search keyword and referral site
+ Dynamic landing pages optimization, delivering you lowest bids possible
+ Real-time sophisticated keyword testing and tracking functions
+ Real-time full-fledged reporting with keyword, group and campaign performance statistics
+ Real-time click-fraud multi-screening protection technology
+ All-in-one contextual advertising campaigns management platform
+ and more

“NeoPerformancer” is the name of the new solution. It flexibly integrates into any Adwords campaigns, maximizing return and minimizing expanses from any niche market.

“NeoPerformancer” gives PPC managers unique opportunities for optimizing landing pages for each keyword in real-time for a “Great” quality score, capturing new search keywords and referring websites and tracking their performance as a usual keyword to the very end, testing and tracking click-through rates of the landing pages on the fly, dissecting which ad groups and keywords increase ROIs and which ones decrease them and finally stopping click-fraud before it eats all the advertising budget.

Now PPC advertisers can run their PPC campaigns of any complexity, fine-tuning them for top ROIs inside one admin panel that all Adwords advertisers find so intuitive and easy to use.

“NeoPerformancer” is to deliver convenience and confidence for generating strategic PPC profits.

More details and a live online demo of NeoPerformancer web system are available at: http://NeoPerformancer.com

Company Description

NeoProfit Projects provides advanced software and conceptual solutions for Internet marketers and entrepreneurs around the globe.


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