Highest Inline treadmill in the world

July 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
UK Fitness Equipment suppliers Bodypower Sports Plc have just announced a brand new range of high incline treadmill. The Sportek ST7100 treadmill offers an amazing inline of 40% making it the highest incline treadmill in the world. Previous to this treadmills could only reach inclines of 20%.

Features of this treadmill include a 2.5hp continuous DC motor with a speed range between 0.5mph – 11mph, which is pretty much the standard of today’s treadmills. Bodypower Sports says “We are very excited about this product, It’s a fantastic treadmill with amazing features such as the cool down program that reduces the incline by 30% every minute, so if you were at 40% incline the first minute cool down would drop it to 28%, the second minute would drop to 19.6% and so on until it reaches 0% incline”

Fitness Superstore are currently the only UK supplier of the Sporttek ST7100 treadmill and already they have had great success with it, “it far outweighs the competition, we didn’t realise how many people would be interested in such a treadmill, already we have had great interest from people visiting our showrooms” said Bodypower Sports

Bodypower Sports are hoping to start a new fitness fad with their high incline treadmill and quote “don’t be surprised if you soon see treadmills like this appearing in gyms across the United Kingdom”.