Advanced Vascular Solutions/Vanishing Veins Offers Outpatient Minimally Invasive Medical Laser Technology to Remove Varicose and Spider Veins

July 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SHREWSBURY, N.J. – Over 20% of New Jersey’s population suffer the chronic pain and anxiety of varicose and spider veins—that’s more than 1.6 million people! If left untreated, many of them will develop pain, fatigue, and swelling that can lead to skin discoloration, infection, bleeding, and ulcers.

These people may agonize for years from these symptoms, as well as embarrassment. This is because they and many local physicians simply aren’t aware of a new, affordable, fast, non-surgical laser treatment that can remove this unsightly and often unbearable disease.

Varicose veins are the visible manifestation of venous malfunction, and while there is a cosmetic component for the spider veins, the larger varicose veins usually present with serious medical problems.

Advanced Vascular Solutions and Vanishing Veins™ LLC, a world leader in the treatment of veins, are partnering in order to offer those who agonize from varicose veins the relief they never thought available before. This new, minimally invasive alternative to conventional surgical vein stripping is an outpatient procedure. Long hospital stays, weeks of painful recovery, post-operative scarring, and high recurrence rates are gone forever.

“We have joined Vanishing Veins because of their vast experience in treating veins, training medical personal on the latest procedures, and excellence in administrative support. This partnership allows us to focus on what we do best—treating our patients,” said Dr. Gina Louie, Director of Advanced Vascular Solutions and a board certified physician in Diagnostic Radiology and Vascular and Interventional Radiology.

Advanced Vascular Solutions/Vanishing Veins is one of the few clinics in New Jersey specializing in venous disease, including this new laser technology that can make veins vanish without traditional surgical treatment.

“Having a nationally recognized partner with extensive resources will enable us to draw on their expertise for all aspects of our medical practice,” said Dr. Louie. Unfortunately, those with varicose veins often do not seek treatment because they have heard stories about painful stripping procedures, prolonged recovery, complications, and high failure rates. “Our endovenous laser procedure takes only an hour and a half, and they can go back to their normal activities in a matter of hours,” she said. “Patients can now enjoy life pain free and feel comfortable in wearing shorts or skirts without embarrassment.”

When patients come to Advanced Vascular Solutions/Vanishing Veins, they receive a thorough medical examination, ultrasound and then the opportunity to discuss individualized treatment options personally with Dr. Louie. Treatment will depend on the extent of their vein disease, their overall health and any risk factors.
Because varicose veins are most often symptomatic, and to avoid progression of the disease, treatment is usually covered by insurance plans and Medicare.

More about Advanced Vascular Solutions
Dr. Louie and Advanced Vascular Solutions provide image-guided, minimally invasive, venous and cosmetic procedures, including Botox and Restylane. In an effort to provide her patients with the latest technology for venous and cosmetic treatments, she has partnered with Vanishing Veins of Idaho, LLC dba ACADEMIC institute. Advanced Vascular Solutions is located at 1131 Broad Street in Shrewsbury. The phone number is 732/345-8346 (Vein).