Gregg Wooldridge to be honored at the 2007 Masters Hall of Fame for his Outstanding Achievements in the Martial Arts

July 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Costa Mesa, CA July 17, 2007- It is the Masters Hall of Fame distinct honor and pleasure to announce that Gregg Wooldridge has been nominated by Masters Hall of Fame Board Member Lou Salseda for induction into the 2007 Masters Hall of Fame.

Master Gregg Wooldridge said he is pleased to attend this prestigious event and accept his award for induction and accept his award for induction at the 7th Annual Masters Hall of Fame Awards event, being held at the Hilton Hotel and Resort in Costa Mesa California on Saturday August 11th, 2007.

Master Gregg Wooldridge has 32 dedicated years in the Martial Arts. Gregg is a 7th Degree Black Belt and acting Master of Kang-Chuan-Do.

Master Gregg Wooldridge is acting as the head of the system as Grand Master Walter Borkowski is fighting for his life after major health issues. Gregg has been tasked as the gate keeper of the system until Grand Master Walter Borkowski is able to return.

Gregg is also a 6th Degree Black belt in Gangi's Kung-Fu-Systems and has Black belts in several other Martial Arts. He is also a humble family member to Big John McArthy's dojo and brings his Traditional Flavor and Style to the training environment.

Gregg Wooldridge is a retired Inglewood Police Officer, and was honored with the Medal of Valor. Gregg Wooldridge is currently using his talents and knowledge an Executive Protection Agent.

Like all the Past, Present, and Future Hall of Famers, Gregg knows that he is just a cog in the wheel. As he says, “You must never forget where we all came from, or forget those pioneers who paved the way for us all.” “We never adapt the student to the art; we always should strive to adapt the art to the student.”

For more information on attending the 2007 Masters Hall of Fame Awards Banquet, contact Daniel Hect at 951-538-9357 or visit

The Masters Hall of Fame primary mission is to Recognize and Develop “Excellence in the Martial Arts.”