BrainReactions LLC and Winchester Consulting Group announce groundbreaking web-based tool for 3-D Mass Collaboration.

July 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Madison, WI—July 18, 2007— Vincent Cramer of Winchester Consulting Group and Anand Chhatpar of BrainReactions LLC today announced plans to jointly develop a collaborative decision-making software that will combine the Cramer’s Cube© methodology with Online Brainstorming platform. This software will provide corporate clients access to the first 3-Dimensional Mass Collaboration tool using a web-based platform.

The Cramer’s Cube methodology is a robust 3-D Mass Collaboration Process developed by the Winchester Consulting Group that can be applied to any size team, allowing them to harness the power of collaboration to solve any business problem. Teams comprising hundreds, even thousands, of diverse members can utilize their insights, intelligence and cognition to attenuate corporate inertia and paradigms in the collaboration process and to foster innovative concepts and solutions.

The Cramer's Cube Mass Collaboration ASP can generate several novel solutions, and is inherently scalable and unique. The algorithms behind the methodology facilitate the development of a 3-D spatial interface for input, collaboration and analysis. Utilizing the web-based graphical tools, teams can visually analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of proposals prior to deployment.

"I am pleased to see Cramer’s Cube implemented in software," said Vincent M. Cramer, developer of Cramer’s Cube and Founder of Winchester Consulting Group. "BrainReactions is an innovation leader in applying outside insight to brainstorming and idea generation. The Cramer’s Cube ASP will now harness that insight to fuel the engine of innovation. The online tools for navigating and analyzing solutions within the Cube are powerful and revolutionary!"

"BrainReactions is thrilled to bring our knowledge of innovation systems and the online software development world to the unique methodology of Cramer’s Cube," said Anand Chhatpar, CEO BrainReactions LLC. “Employing mass collaboration for the development of innovative products and services has been a challenge for all corporations. With the development and deployment of the Cramer’s Cube ASP, organizations can create collaborative teams of unlimited size and diversity that will be innovative, effective and efficient."

About BrainReactions:
Madison-based BrainReactions is an innovation generation company that helps organizations look outside themselves for ideas for new products, programs and promotion. BrainReactions provides clients with professional brainstorming services with screened and trained creative consumers and also provides online brainstorming software called
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About Winchester Consulting Group:
Boston-based Winchester Consulting Group specializes in Organizational Effectiveness, utilizing the methodology of Cramer’s Cube. Founded in 2005 by Vincent M. Cramer, the firm is focused on the confluence of three critical corporate initiatives: Collaboration, Innovation and Diversity. Mr. Cramer has published extensively on these topics. Winchester Consulting Group’s practice includes innovative web-based products and services to facilitate mass collaboration on a global scale.
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