New SEO eBook Combines the Principals of Eastern Philosophy with the 'How-to' of Internet Marketing

July 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Search Engine Optimization firm founder Kenneth Sproul has announced the publication of his new SEO eBook “The Dao of SEO” ( that combines the principals of Eastern philosophy with the practice of internet marketing.

“Small business owners tend to take too aggressive an approach to SEO. They often know techniques, but they misapply the techniques by being too aggressive; going head to head with their competitors when the key to success is to harmonize,” says Sproul.

Sproul, a Canadian College professor of Chinese history and culture, says that he became inspired to write the SEO eBook after coming to the realization that what many small business owners were lacking in their internet marketing approach was not just technique, they were missing a philosophy.

“People have a philosophy for managing their life, but don’t have a philosophy for managing their success on the internet. To become truly successful, an internet marketing strategy must be founded upon something other than in-your-face competition,” says Sproul.

The foundation of Sproul’s SEO eBook is that some philosophy must guide the application of technique. “A small business person with a new website has two challenges - two tigers to tame; competing against natural competition and working within the parameters of search engine guidelines. Small business owners usually miss the mark on both.”

Sproul says it’s not surprising that so many website owners approach SEO in too aggressive a manner because of the Western cultural understanding of marketing. “In a global marketplace such as the internet, these Western values don’t necessarily equate to success.” He explains that while Western marketing textbooks often cite three main principals of marketing, Chinese textbooks have 5 principals, the 2 additional principals centered on relationships and harmonizing with your environment. “As strange as it may sound, SEO is about harmonizing with both competitors and with the search engines.”

One way that this search engine optimization eBook relates the principals of Daoist philosophy to SEO is in the area of keyword targeting. Sproul writes that instead of aggressively attempting to rank for highly competitive general keywords and phrases, small business owners should examine their principle themes and focus on long-tail keywords in those areas.

“An important Daoist principal says that you should attack where your enemy is weak. If your enemy is strong in one area determine where he is vulnerable and attack there. Instead of fighting with competitors head to head for keywords for which they have a strong foothold, small business owners should initially target smaller search phrases and build their strength from there,” he says.

Sproul says that another ‘enemy’ that small business owners try to compete against is the search engines themselves through spamming, hiding text, and stuffing Meta tags. “Search engines are powerful. They can afford to hire the brightest minds to guarantee that searchers find quality websites. The best approach is to create a strong authority website while intelligently exploiting search engine guidelines.”

Unlike other search engine optimization books that are based on ‘how-to’ techniques only, The Dao of SEO infuses those techniques with guiding principals. In addition to a solid understanding of these principals, purchasers of the SEO eBook will also receive personalized email support and a discount on Sproul’s one way links building program.

About Ken Sproul: Ken Sproul is a college professor of Chinese history and culture and the founder of several successful internet businesses including His recently published SEO eBook the Dao of SEO ( offers practical advice for small business owners on ways to improve their internet marketing results by basing SEO techniques upon a solid foundation of Daoist success principals.