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These statistics reflect a view shared by John Wesdorp, co-founder of DatingBBW, a UK-based website dedicated specifically for plus size women and their admirers.

“On average, we receive over five thousand hits per day and currently have close to twenty thousand members”, said John. “Many members say that it has changed their lives, creating friendships as well as relationships”.

This unorthodox method of finding love certainly paid off for Peter and Heather of Southend on Sea. “I was somewhat sceptical of actually finding someone through a website”, explained Peter. “However, Heather and I hit it off immediately. We married soon after and in April this year, our beautiful daughter, Rosie, was born.”

Many women are understandably wary of attempting to find love over the Internet.

“There have been stories in the news, as expected, about men posing as someone else on websites and chatrooms”, admitted John. “However, safety rules should always be followed – and surely talking to someone over a period of time before meeting them is much safer than spending the night with someone you’ve just met that evening in the pub after a few drinks?”

John’s ten most important safety tips are:

1. Never agree to meet somebody whom you have not spoken to several times
2. If somebody is reluctant to give you their home telephone number, they may be married or co-habiting
3. Before you meet someone, get more detailed information about them (work, home, mobile number and their home address). Check their work number and home address
4. Call the person you are going to meet at home by surprise
5. Always tell at least two other people who you are going to meet and give them all the details you have
6. Always have your first meeting in a public place (usually a pub or restaurant)
7. Call a friend whilst you are meeting somebody to let them know you are okay
8. Do not get pushed into anything you do not want – sex on a first date is not advisable
9. If your new date starts talking about how short they are of money and expects to borrow from you, apologise and walk away immediately
10. Never go to someone’s house without anybody knowing where you are
11. Do not feel you are obliged to become involved in any physical intimacy on a first date – if your partner insists, walk away immediately

Bath University’s survey also showed that one in five of those interviewed had subsequently gone on to form a relationship lasting at least a year via a dating website, something which doesn’t surprise John in the least.

“In addition to the safety aspects, many single adults have children and find it difficult to get out and meet people”, he said. “Dating websites make an ideal vehicle for a parent to have some “me” time and to make friends and form relationships. In today’s society, E-dating is quickly becoming one of the most safe and effective ways of meeting your life partner.

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