Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs leads efforts to include Eco-tourism activities at Subic Bay, Philippines, introduces Pinatubo treks

July 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs is proud to announce that tours that include treks to the Mount Pinatubo Crater from the Subic Bay area are now available. The eruption in 1991 of Mount Pinatubo was one of the largest eruptions in history. The damaged affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and the effects of the ash cloud circled the earth. The volcanic eruption and two typhoons that entered the area when the volcano was erupting turned the breadbasket of the Philippines into desolate waste land. The social and economic effects are still being felt, but the natural healing is well on its way. The area is a contrast between the dust and lahars in the scarcely vegetated flats and river beds to the lush mountains sides with young trees and other cover. The transition between the two is dramatic with signs of massive erosion and towering cliffs. For the last decade dedicated hikers could trek to the mountain crater. It involved either days of hiking or hours of 4x4 travel followed by a 2 hour hard hike. A “trail”, called the skyway, was cut that would allow 4x4’s a shorter route to a drop off point to trek to the crater. The skyway opened up the crater to an hour and fifteen minute 4x4 ride and a 45 minute to 1 hour trek.

Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs ( have been working closely with the Pinatubo Development corporation to promote this eco-tourism adventure. Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs is currently offering scheduled day tours from the Subic Bay area. Visitors have three options to enjoy the Mount Pinatubo experience: the 4x4 ride and trek to the crater featuring a spa treatment when the guest returns to Spa town, a 4x4 ride to the hot springs to enjoy the springs and mud baths also with spa treatments upon return to the Spa Town, and those who just want to be pampered a full spa treatment. This project is the first to offer the crater experience in a single day trip from the Subic Bay area.