Blog Attacks Owner

July 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
FT. LAUDERDALE, FL July 24 (PR Leap) Bob Miller Writes was once upon time a sleepy little blog, but not anymore. Owner Bob Miller, a political activist and author of seven books and numerous short stories explains:

"I never intend to formulate another business plan so long as I live. Everyone of my well thought-out business ventures have failed. God only knows how much money I've wasted in the last fifty years on sure things. Success has always used the backdoor at my house for some reason.

"Take this author service blog of mine. I'm not a blogger, or at least I wasn't until I tried to post an article on what I thought was a website, but in fact was a blog. The damn thing wouldn't let me post until I signed in and I couldn't sign in until I signed up. That should have been the end of this story, but it was just the beginning. I guess Google somehow knew I was a sucker for freebies because with my password arrives an invitation asking if I wanted a free blog. I didn't know what it was, but if it was free, I wanted it.

"After getting the thing set up, I realized it was useless unless other people knew it was there, so I invited three other curmudgeons to join me. The four of us started posting advice for the other three to follow that just went in one ear and out the other. What we didn't know was that something called RSS feed was spying on us and broadcasting every damn thing we posted to anyone interested in reading it. Suddenly, from out of nowhere comes this herd of Newbies with bushel baskets full of questions about how to do stuff. While all four of us would gladly give up our sex lives to have sent the other down the primrose path, we didn't have the heart or inclination to mislead one of these first-time writers. Dreams are sometimes the only thing that keeps a person going."

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