Target Release of "SOS" on July 1st Unleashes Potent New Weapon in Fight Against Operating System Intruders.

June 03, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CHASKA, MN — June 3, 2005 – Quick Click Filer ( has set a tentative release date of July 1st, 2005 for its much anticipated and highly versatile software weapon in the arsenal against 'Spyware,’ ‘Adware,’ 'Malware,’ and ‘Hijackware.’

This novel software application will be marketed under the brand name 'SOS,' which stands for 'System Organizer & Sealer.’ ‘SOS’ is a unique software utility solution to a long-standing problem with MS Windows operating systems. SOS rescues your computer's operating system (OS), organizes it and seals it using a protection algorithm that no other software product on the market utilizes. ‘SOS’ provides a software alarm system that protects your computer from hidden outside attacks through the Internet, much like a burglar alarm protects your home.

A Case for a System Sealer Utility

Numerous security loopholes have persisted in the major operating systems for years. Most of these can be exploited directly through the Internet – either remotely or on the client’s side from a computer virus infection. Combine this with the relatively new dangers of spyware, adware, and hijackware and the need for an operating system burglar alarm such as ‘SOS’ is long overdue. Malicious web marketers, advertising companies, and computer hackers alike can potentially invade your computer's OS environment anytime you access the Internet. The average computer user is virtually powerless to stop these attacks or even know of their presence. But arming your computer with ‘SOS’ changes everything. ‘SOS’ uses a new method to seal your MS windows directories from outside attack and alerts you of potential break-ins.

The degree of sophistication that today’s computer hackers and unscrupulous web marketers use to obtain personal and financial information from the millions of unsuspecting computer users should be all the reason you need to take action and protect your computer from unwanted break-ins. The average user can quickly infect and compromise their computer after landing on the wrong website or downloading files such as free music or screensavers from the Internet or from a contaminated e-mail. A single attack can insert hundreds of new files onto your computer, disabling your operating system to the point of inoperability. Or worse, unwanted 'keylogging' programs and/or secret files buried deep within your computer’s OS can monitor your Internet surfing habits and even transmit information stored on your computer to remote locations that can’t be tracked.

A powerful Solution

The ‘SOS’ solution locks the door on your operating system with a proprietary file certification method that prevents the loading of any hidden and unwanted files without your knowledge. And once the door is locked, ‘SOS’ acts like a burglar alarm. The ‘SOS’ software utility is a simple, easy to use, and user-friendly point-n-click application. ‘SOS’ tracks and logs every file name, its size, and the attribute setting used by the OS (or any selected directory), reporting any changes that have occurred within seconds, minutes, or hours – depending on the time interval chosen by the user.

By sealing the MS windows operating system against potentially catastrophic attacks, ‘SOS’ is a new and highly effective weapon in the ongoing fight against computer viruses, spyware, adware, and keylogging onslaughts.

‘SOS’ Features:

• ‘SOS’ is a unique product that uses new protection algorithms to create a burglar alarm for your personal computer.

• ‘SOS’ notifies you when new files are downloaded to and loaded onto your system.

• ‘SOS’ monitors your computer's hard drive for any suspicious activity over the time interval you select.

• ‘SOS’ tracks and logs suspicious activity, intrusions, and break-ins from the Internet that would otherwise go undetected.

• ‘SOS’ provides a safer solution to surf the Internet and can determine whether the websites that you visit are safe or unsafe.

• ‘SOS’ enhances the performance and speed of your computer by protecting and tagging unwanted files and programs left by spyware, viruses, and computer worms.

• ‘SOS’ protects your computer’s disk drive and sensitive information from unauthorized, unwanted, and unknown computer intruders.

At a time when identity theft and Internet crime have become increasingly commonplace, SOS is truly a necessity.

About Quick Click Filer

Quick Click Filer, through its website (, is a one-stop shop for anti-spyware, anti-adware, and anti-virus information and software. The QCF website provides reviews of other computer utilities that are aimed both at increasing the performance of personal computers and securing them from intruders. SOS will be Quick Click Filer’s first software product offering and will be marketed to personal computing users who are concerned about protecting and securing their computers from hidden attacks while surfing or downloading files from the Internet.

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