Uclink announces the release of RFIDglobal.org

July 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
UClink, the world's leading media and events company covering radio frequency identification (RFID), today announced the release of RFIDGlobal(http://www.rfidglobal.org) - an internationally oriented online platform for RFID industry.

"We believe RFID technology will revolutionize the way companies around the world do business. With this belief, we commit to provide RFID vendors, system integrators a comprehensive online platform to exhibit their products and solutions globally. " says William Yang, founder and editor of RFIDglobal.org. It also enables companies in other industries to easily understand how RFID can boost their
business, help them align technology with business objectives.

RFIDglobal.org can be considered as English version of RFIDWorld.com.cn - the most popular website for RFID vendors and users in China. RFIDWorld.com.cn was established in 2004, providing free daily news, informative articles about RFID technology. with more than 80,000 hits daily, RFIDWorld.com.cn offers its 20,000 registered members a comprehensive online platform to exhibit their RFID products and communicate with RFID solution seekers.

The global RFID environmnent have been greatly influencing the devolpment of RFID industry in China, and the devolopment of RFID industry in China will have a profound impact on the global RFID environmnent. "We will do our best to build RFIDglobal.org as a online portal to RFID industry in China and faciliate commnunication and introduce RFID vendors and end users in China to international partners." says William Yang.

"Our mission is clear - built an international RFID network to accelerate the widespread adoption of RFID technology." he says.