Spider Vein Removal from the New Abbott Clinic

July 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The new Abbott Clinic treatment centre offers spider and thread vein removal in the South West of England covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

Abbott Clinic is a newly-opened treatment centre specialising in the removal of facial thread veins. The clinic, set up and run by qualified beauty therapist Sally Abbott, offers state of the art V-Beauty technology for the removal of facial imperfections such as thread veins, spider neavus and red blood spots. With only a handful of practitioners in Devon, Sally is a leading specialist and very much at the forefront of this technique. 'The treatment, long sought after by women, is increasingly being taken up by men as it offers a high success rate in dealing with conditions such as dry sensitised skin and high colouring that is often associated with outdoor-types of people,' said Sally.

Widely acclaimed as being the safest and most reliable form of treatment, Sally uses an ultra-fine needle to introduce a high frequency current into the skin without penetrating the vein. The heat energy produced coagulates the blood causing the vein wall to collapse and disappear, known as thermo-coagulation. The technique is considered to be safer than others as there is no break in the vein and therefore no risk of burns or bruising. During the initial consultation process Sally will identifying the triggers that cause the individuals condition. Main contenders include saunas, sun beds and intense dry heat that cause the blood vessels to dilate. Red wine and spicy foods can also be triggers. Although the actual treatment requires no strict aftercare regime, Sally does recommend use of a proprietary UVA/UVB sunscreen with factor 15 during winter and factor 40 for summer. Depending on skin type and condition it is usual for treatment to be carried out in 15-minute bursts spread over three-four weekly intervals for optimum results.

Since qualifying as a therapist from South Devon College in 2001, Sally has worked at a ladies' residential health hydro and at an aesthetics clinic where advanced beauty and aesthetic treatments were carried out. At the clinic she progressed to registered manager and laser care supervisor, as a requirement of the Healthcare Commission under whose jurisdiction the clinic fell. 'I knew that when I started my own business I wanted to specialise and knew this machine worked and got Results - it does what it says on the tin,' said Sally, a certified V Beauty Practitioner.