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July 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News is one of the most recent Web 2.0 resources, where consumers collaborate exchanging travel information about Italy. Those who have been already in Italy and enjoy the place can share their experiences and provide quality information on where to go and what to see. For those who are about to discover Italy – this is the meeting place where they can get travel information and insights from fellow travellers. And now Italy Travel notes have been nominated for Best Travel Blog by the Blogger’s Choice Awards (

“It is all about travelers talking to travelers and sharing” – says Giuseppe Zappala, head of the Italy office of “We created this blog as a resource where people can exchange opinions, share and get a very high quality information on what to visit in Italy vs. the usual objective and impersonal information you find on the most tourist sites. It is all about travelers to Italy collaborating together and helping those who are about to discover it, so that their experience with the country can be way more enjoyable.”

The blog is in English and everyone can send their travel story and experiences and get published. And the stories need not be written professionally.

“We are very happy to have been recognized by the Blogger’s Choice Awards and we would be happy if you help us win” – continues Giuseppe Zappala – “For this reason we ask you to go to the site, check for yourself if you like it and if yes, we would be happy if you give us your vote. And in this way we would be able to help and inspire more travelers to Italy”

The blog is organized in a way so readers can find articles on Italy travel in general, travel tips and what one can see in the different regions of Italy, if people are planning to stay in only one of the regions and travel around, as well as information on the most important towns in Italy, so that if they are visiting Rome only – they can easily find articles dedicated only to the Eternal City. To appeal to all travelers’ senses is planning to soon launch a section dedicated to Italian food and wine, so such stories could be already send for review.

To have a look at Italy Travel Notes, please visit: To give your vote for the Best Travel Blog awards, please go to: or link directly from the dedicated section.

Italy Travel Notes ( is a collaboration of international team of travellers to Italy. The management team is based in Bazzano, Italy and it works with content contributors from around the world.

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