World Traveler Patsy Garrison Says: "I'm Enjoying Life Again with BreathePure Nasal Air Filters"

July 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
From the grassy plains of Africa, the windswept mountains of Ecuador and the dusty deserts of the Australian outback - eternally youthful retiree Patsy Garrison has traveled the world, often braving conditions that might keep others indoors. Even though she has environmental sensitivity and is a lifelong allergy sufferer, the grandmother of five and former cattle rancher says BreathePure Nasal Air Filters prevent dust, pollen and even camel hair from ruining her journeys to faraway places.

"I used to sneeze and cough something awful when I'd travel," she said, kicking up her feet on the sun drenched porch of her Duncan, Oklahoma ranch. "But, since I found the BreathePure nose filters, I haven't been bothered one single minute by my sensitivity to stuff in the air."

Developed primarily for allergy sufferers, BreathePure Nasal Air Filters are being put to the test by a growing legion of consumers. Made of clinical, non-latex foam, the unobtrusive filters are placed just inside the nose, blocking out up to 97 percent of airborne particulates. Unlike face masks, the lightweight, disposable filters allow the user to talk, eat, drink and breathe normally while keeping irritating particulates from entering the respiratory system.

"Sometimes people will ask me what I have in my nose," the good-natured Ms. Garrison commented. "Usually I'll pretend I don't know what they mean. Then I'll show them the box and they'll want to know where they can get some."

For millions of Americans, more time outdoors brings the annoyance of sneezing and runny, stuffy noses. Now, convenient and easy-to-use BreathePure Nasal Filters are helping consumers avoid this discomfort in the air at home, in the workplace and while traveling and outdoors.

"BreathePure is a practical, drug-free method for dealing with the seasonal and year-round annoyance of common reactions to pollen, spores and the hundreds of particles in the air we breathe," said Richard Ambrose, president of BreathePure Healthcare LLC, a Santa Barbara, Calif. company specializing in innovative wellness products. "The reason BreathePure filters are so effective is that they filter most airborne allergens before they enter the respiratory system."

According to tests conducted by an independent filter testing laboratory, the comfortable, lightweight foam filters capture up to 97 percent of most airborne particulates 7 microns or larger. This includes particles associated with pollen and dust mites, as well as a majority of particles from fungi and spores, human hair, household dust and pet dander.

"Now I use them all day long, whether I'm traveling or just here at home," Ms. Garrison said. "I use to think twice about just picking blackberries on the ranch and now I don't give it a second thought."

According to researchers at the School of Public Health at Harvard and the British National Pollen Research Center, studies indicate that allergy season now starts earlier, lasts longer and brings more intense reactions due to a lengthening of the growing season of weeds, grasses and trees.

Doctors and Allergists recommend a variety of strategies to avoid the inhalation of the airborne irritants that provoke symptoms ranging from sneezing, coughing and itchy, watery eyes:

Stay indoors in the morning, when pollen and mold counts are highest

Avoid yard work such as mowing the lawn and raking leaves

Keep windows at home and the workplace closed

Drive with windows rolled up; ensure your air filtration system is properly maintained

Clean, dust and vacuum frequently, especially the garage and attic

Wash your hair more often than usual to remove airborne particles

For most active people, it is simply impractical to follow all of these measures. The introduction of the BreathePure Nasal Filter now offers an inexpensive, drug-free solution for avoiding harmful and irritating airborne particulates while maintaining a normal lifestyle.

BreathePure Nasal Air Filters provide a new approach for avoiding the pollen, dust and other irritants that cause millions of Americans discomfort.

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