MEET MRS. K: Creative Directors Jeanne Kopeck and Mitch Monson Launch New Broadcast Design/Production Boutique

July 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
DENVER, CO — Creative Directors Jeanne Kopeck and Mitch Monson and Executive Producer Peter Thron have launched Mrs. K, a new creative design/production boutique specializing in spot work, show packaging, promos, upfronts and branding/ID campaigns. Kopeck and Monson have been responsible for production and design work for leading television networks such as ABC, Discovery, FOX, TCM, National Geographic, TLC, Discovery Health, Playboy, Science Channel, HGTV, Monsters HD, Bravo, We, DISH Network and many others, as well as numerous advertising agencies.

"Here at Mrs. K, we specialize in the integration of live action with motion design," explains Thron. "We approach our work with a cinematic mindset then look at the best ways of augmenting that action with motion graphics, 2D/3D animation and visual effects."

While the company may be new, the creative core has known each other for years. Prior to launching Mrs. K, Kopeck, Monson, Thron and producer Donna Carver previously worked at the production and design company Citizen Pictures.

Since launching, Mrs. K has completed projects for Discovery, Discovery Heath, HGTV, Travel Channel and Science Channel. In addition, Mrs. K was recently awarded the re-brand for DISH Network's entire group of Customer Support and Education products.

"Our job is to tell great visual and conceptual stories in a very short period of time," says Thron. "Mrs. K's focus is commercials, promos, image pieces for national and international networks and retail brands, as well as complete live action/motion graphics packages for television. Fortunately for us, there's hardly a live-action commercial out these days that doesn't have a motion graphics or visual effects component and combining these with live action film is where we excel."

Alliance With Splice Here
The new company also boasts a strategic alliance with Splice Here, the Minneapolis-based postproduction house. The alliance offers Mrs. K clients access to an array of talent and technology that far exceeds the capabilities of most creative boutiques. It also provides Splice Here a deeper creative talent pool to work with. For Thron, the strategic alliance with Splice Here represents a huge boon to their current and future clients.

"We are very excited about our relationship with Splice Here," says Thron. "They are incredibly talented and wonderfully well-equipped. They have the tools and resources to give us the flexibility to focus on all the types of projects we're interested in. Simply put, we're able to do what we want, the way we want to. Who could ask for anything more than that?"

About Mrs. K:
Who is Mrs. K? She's as much a 'real' person as anyone in this business. She's practical, plain-spoken and wildly creative. She cares a lot about what she does and has a simple desire to work with creative people - directors, writers, designers, producers and cinematographers. Mrs K works in a wide range of techniques including live action, 2D, 3D animation - guided by a simple belief that good design, strong story-telling and a full belly are important virtues. She's experienced. She's a dreamer and a doer. She makes stuff up and then she makes it happen. Her intimate yet wholesome relationship with post power-house Splice Here, Minneapolis, MN, brings an unprecedented level creative and technological capabilities to their clients. Physically the company is based in Denver, CO. Spiritually she lives wherever people hunger for beautiful imagery and a great hunk of pie. For more information visit