Uniloc Leverages Power of Oracle(r) Database 11g to Help Increase Performance and Business Analytics of Critical Security Data

July 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Uniloc USA Inc., the technology leader in
physical device recognition for protecting intellectual property,
networks and personal data, today announced interoperability of the
company's flagship product lines, softANCHOR(tm) and netANCHOR(tm), with
Oracle(r) Database 11g. Leveraging Oracle, the number one provider of
secure and reliable database technologies, Uniloc now brings powerful
business analytics and new features, including Oracle Fast Files, Oracle
Audit Vault and enhanced passwords, to customers demanding the
industry's best network security and software copy protection solutions

Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR allow organizations to use Oracle
Database 11g as the backend database, raising the business intelligence
bar for Uniloc users in need of strong analytics to drive powerful
reporting from the data available through Uniloc security solutions. The
enhanced developer productivity tools allow Uniloc to rapidly port the
company's existing data infrastructures from Oracle Database 10g to
Oracle Database 11g. The power and security of Oracle Database 11g not
only helps increase the speed and reliability of the Uniloc platforms,
but also provides Uniloc customers with greater integration
opportunities for a better overall picture of the environments they are

Oracle's tradition of excellence continues with Oracle Database 11g,
helping independent software vendors like Uniloc provide its users with
technology that satisfies the critical need for detailed and timely
business analytics. With Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR now compatible
with Oracle Database 11g, the combined solution also enables
substantially increased overall performance and provides support for
Web2.0 and integrated XML processing, which should result in greater
adoption of Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR within customer

As a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and the Oracle Database 11g
beta program, Uniloc successfully tested both softANCHOR and netANCHOR
software and network security suites on Oracle Database 11g. The new and
enhanced capabilities of Oracle Database 11g provide Uniloc's software
packages with significant efficiencies in terms of deployment,
integration and performance, delivering a variety of enhancements and
support that will result in greater interoperability with technologies
in any environment Uniloc's products are used in.

"We are excited to bring the industry's strongest database platform to
our customers as part of a complete product offering. The synergy
between Oracle and Uniloc provides users with the most innovative
security solutions in the industry," said Casey Potenzone, chief
information officer for Uniloc. "The power of Oracle helps increase the
performance and reliability of our security platforms, but also gives
our customers the ability to deploy softANCHOR or netANCHOR into new
areas of their IT infrastructure to provide greater insight into secure
business processes."

Uniloc softANCHOR and netANCHOR product suites with Oracle Database 11g
will be available through Uniloc.

About Oracle Database 11g
Oracle Database is the only database designed for grid computing. With
the release of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle is making the management of
enterprise information easier than ever; enabling customers to know more
about their business and innovate more quickly. Oracle Database 11g
delivers superior performance, scalability, availability, security and
ease of management on a low-cost grid of industry standard storage and
servers. Oracle Database 11g is designed to be effectively deployed on
everything from small blade servers to the biggest SMP servers and
clusters of all sizes. It features automated management capabilities
for easy, cost-effective operation. Oracle Database 11g's unique
ability to manage all data from traditional business information to XML
and 3D spatial information makes it the ideal choice to power
transaction processing, data warehousing, and content management

About the Oracle PartnerNetwork
Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global business network of more than 19,500
companies who deliver innovative software solutions based on Oracle
software. Through access to Oracle's premier products, education,
technical services, marketing and sales support, the Oracle
PartnerNetwork program provides partners with the resources they need to
be successful in today's global economy. Oracle partners are able to
offer to their customers, leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle's
position as the world's largest enterprise software company.

About Uniloc USA
Uniloc USA is the technology leader in electronic physical device
recognition for software copy control and information security. The core
technology driving Uniloc innovation is Physical Device Fingerprinting,
the company's patented method of uniquely identifying a user device,
such as a PC, game console, smart phone or cell phone, by the naturally
occurring, inherent physical imperfections of that device, and then
incorporating that physical device fingerprint into licenses or access
credentials. Uniloc's technologies can identify devices with more
comparable accuracy than human DNA. Uniloc is the inventor and holder of
the seminal physical device locking patent (U.S. 5,490,216) and has 15
related patents pending. Uniloc has applied its Physical Device
Fingerprinting technical expertise to several vertical markets,
including software publishing, government network access control, online
banking and trading, and CD/DVD anti-theft. For more detailed
information, please visit www.unilocusa.com.

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