Exercises for lower back pain – A simple yet effective cure for back pain

August 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Jez heath and DispelBackPain.com announce the release of their new e-book, “Targeted Lower Back Pain Exercises – The Natural Cure For back pain” providing specific exercises to treat the actual causes of back pain.

About 90% of adults will suffer from some form of lower back pain in their lives. Many of these back pain sufferers will be given treatment advice that doesn’t really treat the causes of their pain, focusing instead on simply trying to manage the symptoms with painkillers and other drugs.

But most forms of low back pain respond well to conservative (non surgical) treatments. These simple treatments can really address the causes of the pain and provide lasting relief as Jez discovered for himself.

“When I suffered back pain, the physiotherapists tried to use modern technology to treat my symptoms and it just wasn’t working.” Said Jez of his own frustrations with lower back pain.

“So I resorted to my own desktop research of treatments for lower back pain. What I found was a way to treat the cause of my back pain through simple exercises. Because contrary to popular misconceptions back pain responds well to exercises and as an added bonus there are no negative side-effects.”

Although some cases of back pain result from one-off events that cause significant injuries, many of the causes of back pain are simple to fix issues that develop into more serious conditions and eventually pain. One of the most common causes of a gradually worsening back condition is incorrect posture. Poor posture leads to back pain because over time it causes strained and damaged muscles, slipped disks and sciatica. But even conditions like these respond well to exercise treatment.

“Medical research shows that the right exercises help to build strength in the right muscles to improve posture and support the back. More than that, specific exercises can be effective in re-aligning the structures in the back, the vertebrae, joints and disks to relieve trapped nerves. Most of the non-chronic causes of back pain can be quickly, cheaply and very effectively treated by a well designed exercise program.” Said Jez of his research findings

Modern medicine is ‘rediscovering’ what has been known for centuries by more traditional and holistic approaches to health. Indeed many of the exercises Jez uses in his tailored routines are based on yoga poses that have been used to treat back pain for more than a thousand years.

“Whatever modern medical practitioners think of the underlying principles of holistic medicines such as yoga, there is no escaping the reality that the right exercises really do help to relieve back pain.”

Jez was his own first test subject for the findings from his desktop research, using the exercise routines he developed to relive his own lower back pain in less than a week, with no recurrence of his pain for the last 3 years

“So many people unnecessarily suffer from back pain when the cure is so tantalisingly simple. They just need to add the right exercises into a short daily exercise routine and what can be healthier than that?”

Jez Heath’s lower back pain exercises are available now in his new e-book format exclusively at www.DispelBackPain.com.