PrimeOCR Version 4.4 Release by Prime Recognition Extends Production OCR Capabilities

July 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Woodinville, WA - Prime Recognition, the market leader for production OCR, releases version 4.4 of PrimeOCR extending features to support imaging professionals. Some of the new features of version 4.4 include support for PDF/A-1a output, JBIG2 compression of PDF output, recognition of Russian characters, the ability to run PrimeOCR as a native windows service and support for Microsoft Vista.

PrimeOCR version 4.4 new features include:

+ Support for PDF/A-1a Output - PrimeOCR continues to expand support for the PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) specification which defines a file format in PDF for the long-term archiving of electronic documents. Version 4.4 of PrimeOCR adds the ability to generate PDF/A-1a output in addition to being able to generate PDF/A-1b conforming searchable PDF output.

+ JBIG2 PDF Compression - For customers concerned with bitonal PDF file sizes JBIG2 compression can reduce the PDF file size by 30 to 90% which helps save storage space and reduce transmission time when viewing or downloading PDF files.

+ Russian OCR - PrimeOCR version 4.4 adds functionality to recognize Cyrillic text. OCR results can be generated in text, RTF or PDF output file formats.

+ Run PrimeOCR as a Service - To continue to support production imaging environments PrimeOCR can be configured to run as a service under a secure Windows server configuration.

+ Support for Windows Vista - The latest release of PrimeOCR includes support for Microsoft's latest Windows operating system.

+ Improved Error Handling in PrimeOCR InputAccel Module - The top level of PrimeOCR's Job Server fault tolerance technology has been added to the PrimeOCR InputAccel Module product further increasing the reliability of this application.

+ Multiple Resolution Management - PrimeOCR includes updated functionality to manage non-square resolution image files and resolve non-common image resolutions.

+ Expanded Combine File Options - Various options are available to combine the OCR results from multiple image files into a single output file.

+ Redesigned Setup - The PrimeOCR Job Server configuration utility has been completely revised to provide easy access to new and advanced features of PrimeOCR.

Improved OCR Accuracy through “Voting” Technology

Developed for the production OCR marketplace, PrimeOCR is an “omnifont” Windows™ 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista based software OCR engine and Application Programming Interface (API) toolkit that uses a combination of proprietary “Voting” algorithms and technology licensed from the best retail OCR vendors.

PrimeOCR is able to reduce OCR errors by an average of 65-82% over the best conventional OCR products while providing much cleaner data by implementing "Voting" technology. Since manual error correction can account for over 50% of an imaging system cost, by lowering error rates, PrimeOCR can reduce annual operating costs by 35%.

Designed around a fault tolerant architecture, PrimeOCR provides the production OCR marketplace with a reliable OCR processing solution that generates cleaner results than conventional OCR systems.

PrimeOCR has won a number of awards, including two "Product of the Year" awards from Imaging Magazine, and a "Top 10 of AIIM."

Prime Recognition Corporation

Prime Recognition designs and develops advanced character recognition software for the production OCR marketplace. Prime Recognition’s goal is to facilitate the acceptance of OCR by reducing errors through the use of sophisticated “Voting” technology.

Prime Recognition worldwide customers include Service Bureaus, System Integrators, University/Library systems, companies in the Banking, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Medical, and Transportation industries. However, the largest customer segment is Government, Prime’s largest customer is the U.S. Patent & Trademark, with a number of installations in Defense Department applications, and other government agencies.

Prime Recognition was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Woodinville, Washington (on Seattle’s “Eastside”, four miles from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA) and can be reached at (425) 895-0550 or To reach Prime Recognition on-line, visit our Web Site at:

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