10cc's Godley and Gouldman Reunite To Record New Music

July 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
7/28/07 - London - For the first time in over three decades original 10cc members, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman, have reunited to record new music. Best known for such classic 10cc hits as "Rubber Bullets", "I'm Not In Love" and "Things We Do For Love", as well as Godley and Creme's mega-hit "Cry", Godley and Gouldman have recorded five new songs available for download on their official website www.gg06.co.uk.

Kevin Godley, former half of the pioneering duo Godley and Creme, who has also directed and produced some of the most successful music videos in rock and roll for such artists as Duran Duran, U2, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Rod Stewart, Keane and The Police to name just a few, graces all five tracks with his tremendous voice - arguably one of the great vocalists in music today. "I always figured Kevin had the best voice in the band," complements Gouldman, "ironic that he never sang lead on a 10cc single… Even I managed that. Now justice has been done. Kevin's voice and razor sharp lyrics take us places we haven't visited before… Always a good place to start!"

Graham Gouldman, a prolific songwriter since 1965, who still maintains a touring 10cc, before joining the band penned such classic songs as "For Your Love", "Heart Full Of Soul" and "Evil Hearted You" for The Yardbirds, as well as "Look Through Any Window" and "Bus Stop" for The Hollies and "No Milk Today", "Listen People" and "East West" for Herman's Hermits. He has also worked with the likes of Andrew Gold and The Ramones. "It was exhilarating to hear a haunting Graham Gouldman chord sequence," says Godley about their recent collaboration, "wrap some words around it and feel something actually come to life, in real time, again. These first five tracks are pretty lean by our previous standards. They're more heartfelt, focused, less layered and lyrically they're tougher."

The five new Godley and Gouldman songs are as followed:
1) "The Same Road " - A burned-out, homesick, American executive, snarled up in traffic on the Westway, fantasizes about finding a soul mate in a pressurized, loveless world.
2) "Johnny Hurts" - In a dark hotel room, late at night, a man tries to comfort his best friend's new wife as a disastrous wedding party winds down in the bar.
3) "Beautifulloser.com" - A rich man recalls, with regret, his lost youth and his part in an extraordinary woman's downfall.
4) "Hooligan Crane " - Years after the event a victim of school bullying meets his vicious tormentor. Old wounds re-open. For the victim nothing's changed. For the bully everything has.
5) "Son Of Man" - Hotlegs morph, noisily, into 10cc via self -medicating, mutant primate and northern work ethic. (This is part one of "The Son Of Man Diaries", a sporadic, mostly audio but occasionally visual look at Godley and Gouldman's collective history).

Why a reunion now after so many years? "In a nutshell… unfinished business," explains Godley. "In all the years we've known each other we've only written three pure, Godley/Gouldman songs. That, and a desire to find out if the music muscle still worked with someone I enjoyed and didn't have to spend weeks getting to know." Upon listening to the duo's new work unquestionably the spark is still there, picking up where they left off in 1976 but with a newly found, contemporary edge. Says Gouldman, "Kevin and I have always stayed in touch even though we haven't actually worked together for many years, so I was delighted when he called to suggest we write some songs. When I asked 'Why?' He said, 'No reason… just to do it and see what happens.' A good enough reason for me!"

Much to the elation of Kevin Godley/Graham Gouldman fans worldwide, new material by the dynamic duo are currently in the works.

For downloads and more information visit the official Godley and Gouldman website: www.gg06.co.uk

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