Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference Picks Bloomington, MN as Host City for Event

July 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Cottage Grove, MN July 30, 2007 — Jeff Mills knows what it is like to struggle financially and not have enough money to pay his bills. But that all changed the moment he began seeking ways he could use the internet to run a profitable business, by working with proven marketing masters and mentors.

Jeff has a solution for people who want to warp speed their business success and it's called the Midwest Super Conference.

"The learning curve was steep," offered Jeff, "I had to pay my dues and fail my way into success at a cost of about $20,000 over 4 years, because I had no one to help guide me and I was clueless without a strong mentor."

For most would be entrepreneurs, the dream of internet success is only that… A dream. They start off with a website, a domain name, and they tell a few friends, family members and strangers on the street about their exciting web business or product, but the sales fail to show up. Debts mount, frustrations and stress levels increase and for most people, success eludes them.

It's not an uncommon story. The internet is filled with stories of lost fortunes and lost souls who paid dearly with their time and money only to be left on the street cold and hungry.

But it does not have to be this way.

Jeff Mills has found phenomenal success on the internet. After his first 4 years of miserable failure, Jeff did what most entrepreneurs fail to do right from the beginning. He found a marketing mentor and was taught solid principles and strategies which lead him to produce over $1.8 Million in sales online in the last 3 years alone.

Jeff was able to do this with virtually no staff, no commute and by running his internet businesses successfully from his converted storage closet at his home.

Mills is seeking out struggling internet marketers who need help, and is prepared to teach them powerful strategies and systems which will give them an unfair advantage over their competition and speed up their learning curves.

Jeff Mills is the founder of the wildly successful, Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference, which is a live marketing event that takes place each year in the fall.

This year, Jeff is hosting the event September 28-30, 2007 in Bloomington, MN and he is limiting his event to only 80 participants.

It was through attending live continuing education seminars that Jeff learned the power of networking with others and how Jeff was actually able to gather real solid marketing brain food that took his business from the outhouse, to the penthouse.

"I finally got sick and tired of trying to figure this all out on my own. I was not an expert, but I knew of others having success in their businesses using the internet, so I followed the principle that "success can be copied. I leaned how to duplicate the systems that are working for others. So that's what I did," said Mills.

Jeff will be providing over 15 live free Preview Video Streams lasting about an hour each with millionaire experts to ANYONE looking for marketing advice through a new concept called a "Webinar".

A Webinar is essentially a conference call over the phone, where you dial into a phone bridge, and then also connect to the internet and watch on your computer monitor, what the presenter has on his or her monitor. Essentially, it is like looking over the shoulder of a mentor, as they walk you through websites, systems, diagrams, and PowerPoint slides that will help the struggling entrepreneur gain new knowledge, which if applied, will result in massive profits online.

The Midwest Super Conference is providing these free preview webinars weekly all the way up to October and is offering a free sign up form at www.midwestsuperconference.com.

The webinars are meant to be a pre-view of the real face to face seminar which has been shown to be a huge draw to many internet marketers in the Midwest.

Last year, the speaker roster was filled with the "who's who" of the marketing masters. John Childers, Mitch Carson, Joel Bauer, Marc Harty, Joel Comm, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, and other top trainers all took time out of their busy schedules to teach at Jeff's conference for free.

This year's conference has an even stronger line up. The faculty of this year's event includes Matt Bacak, Debra Thompson Roedl, Jason Henderson and Rob Smith, Jeff Adams, Sherry Watson, Larry Benet, Daniel Unsworth, JJ Childers, Matthew Glanfield, Steve Renner, plus Pat Lovell. It's a powerhouse faculty covering many diverse concepts around marketing and showing people how to make more money.

Last year, Rob Smith expressed this opinion of the conference, "I usually attend 5-6 conferences per year and Jeff's Midwest Super Conference has been the best one I have ever attended. It's the sleeping giant of internet marketing conferences."

Matthew Sikich said, "I have gleened so much information from the speakers. I have learned so many things which have allowed me to expand my online business and get more traffic to my website… any small business owner would really benefit from Jeff's next event."

To attend Jeff Mills free preview webinars and receive notices of special free trainings, visit www.midwestsuperconference.com.