Dr. Bradley Frederick/Dr. Satori RX Adds Anti-Aging Revestol to Natural Product Line

July 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LOS ANGELES, CA — Dr. Bradley Frederick is proud to announce the addition of Revestol to the growing natural product line of Dr. Satori RX.

From working with Olympic champions to Hollywood's elite, Dr. Bradley Frederick has helped his clients reach their optimum potential. "Health, happiness and success are no accident. Bliss and healing are the result of the right balance of one's doing and one's being," said Frederick.

A long-time client of Dr. Frederick, Jennifer Aniston's favorite health secrets are the Dr. Satori RX Continuous Release MultiVitamin, Mineral and Enzyme Daily Packets and the anti-aging formula, Revestol. (Revestol is the Dr. Satroi RX brand of Resveratrol. Resveratrol has been making headlines across the world as a valid has the most powerful anti-aging formula ever found. Harvard studies have shown the active ingredient in Revestol has dramatically increased the life span of every organism and animal that took it by 20 to 70%.)

Dr. Frederick began his journey into the helping people feel their best and live longer in the early 80s. Within months of beginning his practice as a chiropractic physician, Dr. Frederick was written up for performing a miracle helping a nearly crippled Australian Swimmer, Mark Stockwell, win two medals in the 1984 Olympics.

"We are so conditioned to what is possible; we give up all hope of the impossible. The Olympic runners that I have worked with were able to break the records because we removed their self limits, and allowed them to connect to the infinite power within. It really is that simple; whether it's the miracle of curing cancer or of breaking records, the source is always the same," said Frederick.

This technique Dr. Frederick now calls Dr. Frederick's Satori combines complex toning, entrainment concepts, binaural beats, guided imagery and other ancient and modern technologies to remove the limitations to the power within.

"My Satori Technique is a balancing of the mind, body and Spirit. It is designed not to inform but to allow access to the limitless possibilities within ones own mind and body".

The combination of Dr. Frederick's chiropractic techniques, his Satori concepts and the proper nutritional supplementation offered by the Dr. Satori RX brand and meditational CDs have given Dr. Frederick's patients miraculous and amazing results.

"Our company mission is simple. We want to help everyone achieve their greatest individual potential. Creating our own nutritional label and meditational CDs were a natural transition. We aren't selling just another brand of "feel good" elixirs to the masses. We are offering our clients a real chance at quality health and longer, more satisfying lives," said Frederick.


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