It's New! The BiG Eater Diet. Diet effectively -you can eat well and lose weight.

August 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The author of the BiG Eater Diet searched for years for an effective diet to lose weight. The problem with diets is not the diet itself but having the discipline to stick with it.

The main reasons people do not stick with a diet and the most common complaints that lead people to abandon their diets are "the food doesn't taste good", "the food doesn't satisfy my appetite" and "the diet is too complicated."

The BiG Eater Diet addresses all these problems.

We eat for basic physiological reasons but another reason we eat is because we love the taste of food.

Diets that provide food that doesn't taste good inevitably fail or make alternatives look more attractive. the BiG eater Diet provides recipes that include several popular meals but without the calories.

People who are overweight love their food. They tend to eat several meals and snacks. Some especially enjoy sweet foods. Some enjoy fried foods. The BiG Eater Diet resticts both these foods but strives to replace then with food that is as tasty!

If you enjoy the food a diet is so much easier to follow.If your appetite is satisfied you avoid the dieters obsession with food. If the diet is easy to understand it is easier to stick to. The BiG Eater Diet provides recipes for food that tastes good. It is healthy, nutritionally-balanced and provides energy. The most important thing is THE DIET WORKS !

Calories and Weight Loss

The BiG Eater Diet is a calorie control diet. Whilst some modern diets place less emphasis on calorie control it is a fact that if you consume more energy than you need the surplus energy will be stored as fat.

A Diet Strategy That Works

The diet is designed to provide meals that have the calorie content to promote weight loss whilst being tasty and fully satisfying the appetite. If you tried dieting before then it is likely you will have tried calorie control diets that comprise small portions and leave a constant sense of hunger—with the side effect that you can become obsessed with food. The recipes for the BiG Eater Diet use ingredients that are healthy and low calorie But are combined to provide large meals that leave you feeling full.

Your Appetite Doesn't Go On A Diet

The recipes for The BiG Eater Diet place equal emphasis on satisfying the appetite as producing weight loss.
If you are overweight you are likely to enjoy large meals BiG Eater Diet recognises this and in consequence is highly effective. The recipes will provide two large meals — you can use any of the recipes and they will provide a healthy meal with the calories needed to help you get slim.

The Only Bad News - You Still need Discipline !