XYMOGEN Inc. Begins Marketing of ZYTO Bio-technology to Healthcare Practitioners

July 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Orlando, FL – The executive board members of XYMOGEN, Inc. were so impressed by a demonstration of the use of ZYTO (tm) technology (OTC-ZYTC.pk) that they have all begun using it in their own private healthcare practice.

XYMOGEN is a leading provider of research-based, high-quality, nutraceuticals and functional foods exclusively to licensed healthcare professionals. XYMOGEN formulas are manufactured in a Federal Drug Registered, State Board of Pharmacy cGMP Manufacturing Facility and are available in vegetable based capsules, sublingual and control-released tablets, soft-gels or powders, according to Brian Blackburn, C.E.O. and XYMOGEN co-founder.

XYMOGEN and ZYTO have begun a strategic marketing alliance in which XYMOGEN will sell the ZYTO bio-technology to XYMOGEN customers. XYMOGEN executive board members were given a presentation by Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, president and founder of Zyto Corp.

The 22 executive board members were so enthused with the presentation that they all agreed to begin using the technology in their own private practices and the company agreed to participate in the strategic marketing alliance.

“The use of ZYTO technology by the healthcare practitioners who use XYMOGEN formulas for their patients and clients has already resulted in higher sales revenue for both companies. It is a win-win situation. ZYTO makes sales to more healthcare practitioners, and XYMOGEN sells more of their formulas as practitioners use ZYTO technology to determine what XYMOGEN formulas will be best for their clients and patients,” explained Cook.

Board member Dr. Robert Roundtree, M.D., has added ZYTO technology to his practice in Boulder, CO and said the addition has helped him to gain new patients and provide healthcare solutions without trial and error.

Dr. James Lavalle, RPh, is another board member who is using the ZYTO technology to help his patients at his private practice in Cincinnati, OH. Lavalle is one of only six U.S. scientists named to the faculty of the British Institute of Homeopathy with the assignment to oversee the development of nutrition and herbal science.

“We are thrilled with the strategic marketing alliance with XYMOGEN because it benefits all parties. ZYTO makes sales of our technology, which is used by practitioners who treat more patients, those patients receive better care, and XYMOGEN benefits from higher sales through their healthcare practitioners,” explained Cook.

ZYTO Corp. has a web site at http://www.ZYTO.com and XYMOGEN has a web site at http://www.XYMOGEN.com

About ZYTO Corp.
ZYTO Corp. was founded by Dr. Vaughn Cook, OMD. The company provides computerized bio-technology equipment and software with clinical applications that include obtaining information from the human body to assist healthcare practitioners to make better decisions.

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