Michael Vick’s Doghouse: Did He Make It Alone Or Did He Have A Lot Of Help?

July 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
“Michael Vick’s latest turmoil is nothing less than disturbing, however, not altogether insurmountable,” says Terence McPhaul, author of “The Celebrity Psyche”, and “The Psychology of Hip Hop”. “One of the first things he can do is not hide behind a gaggle of lawyers and public relations people.” Vick answered to charges last week in federal Court in Virginia related to a dogfighting operation he allegedly bankrolled in his home state, on property he owned.

McPhaul, who created the “Managing Success and Celebrity” workshops for celebrities, states, “It is time that he [Vick] take a personal inventory of his behavior, and the emotional framework behind it; assessing the good and not so good pieces, making changes where necessary.” “This requires conscious effort, effective tools, desire to be better, and proper support.”
NFL commissioner, Roger Goddell, has taken a tough stance on player behavior since assuming the helm of one of the most powerful organizations in the world. For the NFL this has been a bold and impressive position. However, the question may be should the NFL abandon players after negative incidents arise, especially when they were groomed for disaster?

McPhaul asserts, “working with professional athletes I have witnessed that intellectual and emotional growth can be stunted because far too many of them are not provided with proper coaching, parenting, or exposure to a full scope of appropriate behaviors and consequences.” Should Vick be absolved of his responsibility for his dog- fighting mess? “Absolutely not,” says McPhaul, “however, the NFL, team owners, college and high school athletics (including the NCAA) should assume theirs as well.”