Autism Diet Recipes Made Available Online to Parents

July 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
As autism rates continue to soar in the United States (1 in 150 children, according to the latest CDC statistics), many parents and healthcare providers are searching for the most effective ways to treat and manage the disorder. Perhaps the most popular of all biomedical treatments includes the Gluten Free, Casein Free (GFCF) Diet, a strict regimen that calls for the elimination of all gluten and casein proteins from an individual's diet. As a result, an autism support website has made free recipes available for parents who wish to implement the popular diet.

"This diet has made a big difference for our son," said Gary Greaves, owner of and father of a child with autism spectrum disorder.

"Ever since we've eliminated gluten and casein from the menu, there's been a marked improvement in social interaction and language," he added.

Known by some as the "Autism Diet," the GFCF Diet is also utilized by people with allergies and other disorders, such as Celiac Disease. However, the diet is largely popular within the autistic community.

"We've decided to share our recipes, so that others might benefit. Recipes to items such as ice cream, banana bread and tapioca pudding are all available on our website," Greaves noted.

It has been theorized that gluten, which is found naturally in wheat, barley and rye, is responsible for many autism-like symptoms in children. The same applies to casein, a protein found naturally in milk and other dairy products.

Greaves cautioned that although many success stories have been attributed to the GFCF diet, it may not be for everyone.

"I encourage parents to do their research to make sure it's the right thing for their child," he added.

"Dietary change should not be taken lightly, particularly with autistic children."

Founded in late 2005, Autism Key is a support site operated by Greaves and others for parents of children with autism and autism spectrum disorders. The website, which has enjoyed wide popularity, offers news, videos, autism message boards, local support and educational tools.

For more information, including access to recipes, visit .

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