OEM or Generic Cartridge? Survey Results Show Customers’ Printer Satisfaction Levels Varies Across Brands with Their Cartridge Choice

August 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Diego, CA – August 2007 – According to over 7,000 surveys completed by printer users, PrintCountry has concluded that customer satisfaction varies across brand names for both OEM and generic cartridge use.

The surveys worked as such: two sets of customers were asked to rate their satisfaction with their printer brand. One set of customers only purchased OEM or brand name cartridges, while the other set only purchased generic or remanufactured cartridges. The results were quite interesting.

Printer brands Okidata and Samsung faired pretty well in the ratings, receiving a 4.90 and a 3.92 out of a possible 5, respectively. Customers were pleased with the performance of the printer ink cartridges and their cost. However, when the customers in the group that used generic cartridges were asked the same question, the results were quite different. Okidata and Samsung received a 2.95 and a 2.62, respectively when generic or remanufactured cartridges were used. It can only be concluded that the overall function of these printers is so high in quality that the money saved when using a generic cartridge is not viewed as a benefit.

Lexmark and Dell both did badly in the survey. OEM supplies are very expensive for these brands, so the customer satisfaction level was significantly higher for the cheaper, generic products. The cost savings in these cases made the overall customer satisfaction increase.

Other brands like HP, Canon and Brother faired well in the survey. Customer satisfaction was above average for OEM products and rose slightly higher for the generic cartridges. This shows that the printers function acceptably and the cost savings of remanufactured or generic products merely adds to the satisfaction.

After several years of surveying their customers, PrintCountry noticed this trend in terms of how quality varies across brand lines and how customer satisfaction depends on several factors including the quality of the Generic Cartridges compared to OEM products and cost savings of generic brand ink and toner cartridges. Essentially, customers weigh several factors like price (cost of printer ownership that changes significantly with the customer choice of printer supply use) when determining their level of satisfaction with both OEM and generic products.

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