Calyx Software Releases Highly Anticipated Point and Point Data Server v. 6.0

August 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Calyx Software®, the mortgage industry's leading provider of loan marketing, originating and processing software announced today the release of Point® and Point Data Server® versions 6.0.

Point 6.0 integrates mortgage broker and banker functionality for the first time, in addition to adding new marketing tools, a powerful new report generator and more at no additional cost and with no extra software needed. The new and enhanced features include:

• Banker Screens — Point 6.0 offers 10 new screens that provide report and status data for mortgage banking activities, from underwriting through loan sale and trail documents management. This eliminates the need to use multiple systems when funding and selling loans - allowing Point to be used as the system of record. Owners have the flexibility to designate user access, administering screens for specific user needs or locking them down so that only those who need them have access – creating controlled access for sensitive financial data.

“Many of our broker customers have become or are evolving into mortgage bankers, and it’s our goal to continue to serve the needs of all our users. The bankers who we expect to most benefit from this release are those originators who both broker and bank their loans, and sell their funded loans on a servicing-released flow basis,” said Dennis Boggs, SVP of Calyx Software.

• Marketing Tools — Point users can now market and grow business right from Point with a few clicks of the mouse. New tools allow Point users to create custom letters, newsletters, promotional emails, and mailing labels instantly using Point data. Microsoft Word 2000 (or later) required.

• Reports — Richer reporting functionality will be available in version 6.0 with both standard and custom reports available. One of the supplied reports provides a “snapshot report” of the company; in short, at any moment, an owner can run a report to find out how profitable their organization is. Included in this report is loan status, cost of doing business, and a summary of the company’s ‘book of business,’ with the added ability to sort by loan officer, branch, region, day, year, or any other metric. Point report data can now be easily transferred to Microsoft Excel to take advantage of Excel’s powerful data analysis and charting capabilities. Several sample report templates are included in 6.0.

• AVM Ordering — Automated Valuation Model (AVM) reports can now be ordered right from Point. Results are incorporated into the loan file automatically.

• Repeat Loan Generator — This feature creates new loans for existing customers by copying only the information contained on the Loan Application and omits automatically any information that does not apply to the new loan.

• Advanced Search — Now Point users can search for loan files across multiple data folders. “The changes included in 6.0 show Point’s evolution to a product that supports a more efficient way to manage both a mortgage broker operation and a mortgage banking operation,” Boggs continued. “And it highlights many other management features that have been in Point all along.”

Point Data Server 6.0, compatible with Point 6.0, offers a convenient, secure way to share Point files across a mortgage organization – centrally and securely. Loan data is stored on a central server, making Point files accessible from any location. Through Point Data Server loan officers and processors can instantly search, open, edit, and save loan files in the central database directly from their Point desktop as well as generate management reports built on information from different offices. This latest version offers the ability to designate local data folder control – meaning administrators can increase the level of control and security over sensitive loan data by designating whether users have access to Point data on their local machines or only when logged into Point Data Server.

Version 6.0 also stores all data captured in the new mortgage banking screens giving owners the ability to run a multitude of reports that show them exactly where their business stands at any point in time. Point and Point Data Server 6.0 work together to provide one system of record for organizations and gives owners the ability to ensure every loan is profitable prior to its closing. New Point Data Server customers will also enjoy easier implementation with a free SSL certificate and domain name that's good for the life of their subscription.

Calyx began shipping Point and Point Data Server version 6.0 on July 27. All current Point subscribers should receive their update before the middle of August. For more information about these releases, see or call (800) 362-2599.