Design Studio Plexipixel, Inc. Releases First-of-its-Kind Interactive Comic Book, Provides Therapy for Terminally Ill Children

July 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SEATTLE – Bringing a cutting edge twist to a childhood favorite, Plexipixel is pleased to announce the release of My Comix, a first-of-its-kind interactive comic book. Specifically serving the needs of terminally ill children, My Comix, provides a therapeutic outlet for children suffering from terminal illnesses and their families. In tandem with the My Comix release, while bringing the project back to its community, Plexipixel is holding an art supply drive for Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center in Seattle beginning Monday, July 30 through Monday, August 13.

Helping patients explore and express their feelings about treatment, My Comix offers a creative and fun activity to help children in critical care facilities keep their minds off their illnesses. The initial concept and storylines are the brainchild of producer Deborah Roundtree. With a generous grant from the Walter and Elise Haas Creative Work Fund and the California Pacific Medical Center Foundation, Plexipixel brought My Comix to life through extensive character design and animation and award-winning Flash development.

A longtime supporter of children’s art and cultural efforts, the My Comix project was an ideal opportunity for Plexipixel. “We have a number of friends—including some who are no longer with us—who spent a good part of their childhoods in hospitals,” says Vicky Tamaru, Plexipixel co-founder and CEO. “These people and their caregivers are the bravest people we’ve had the privilege of meeting. It’s an honor to be able to develop a ‘serious game’ project like My Comix that can help children and their families work through the difficulties of being very ill and allow them to heal faster.”

Delivered on a large touch-screen kiosk, ideal for communal areas in hospitals, or via bedside laptop, My Comix is designed for patient and family use. Patients can create their own narrative by selecting scenarios and characters that revolve around health care challenges, including the people and roles that are often involved. Personal experience can be expressed through the storylines as well as individual writing.

My Comix is currently being piloted in a San Leandro, Calif. children’s treatment facility and will make its way to the California Pacific Medical Center’s pediatric emergency waiting area in San Francisco, Calif. Samples of My Comix can be found on the Plexipixel website at

The Plexipixel Art Supply drive to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital will involve the collection of art supplies for Children’s Hospital patients from Plexipixel employees, clients and members of the community. To become involved in the art supply drive, all are encouraged to contact Lindsey Stecker of Plexipixel via email at

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