SaleHoo Wholesale Site Fuels Canadian eBay Seller Profits

August 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SaleHoo Canada is helping Canadian eBay sellers turn their fledgling businesses into highly profitable operations. SaleHoo is one of the most well-known wholesale sites on the Internet and has been widely acclaimed for its range of wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidators and manufacturers. Simon Slade, SaleHoo's marketing manager, says that Canadian sellers are thrilled to have the help of SaleHoo. "There are a number of sites catering to the US market," he says, "but Canada is often overlooked, both in terms of providing local wholesalers and Canadian-specific business information."

SaleHoo say the goal from the beginning was to get a network of suppliers for as many different countries as possible. Canada has a huge number of people selling online, but many of them were becoming disillusioned with purchasing from US suppliers and paying import duties and expensive transit costs. Elaine Barton, a seasoned eBay seller, first joined SaleHoo 6 months ago as a last resort. "High costs meant my profits were dwindling frighteningly fast. I just couldn't compete anymore. Luckily, the suppliers I was able to access through SaleHoo were able to offer me much better prices than what I had been getting. Being local also made a huge difference." Elaine now uses a sleepwear manufacturer based in Canada, significantly increasing her profit margins.

One of SaleHoo's objectives is to make sure that they contain suppliers that meet a wide variety of budgets. "Many of our members are new to wholesale and also to business. Often they can only afford to spend $100-$200 on their first wholesale lot," says Slade. "On the other hand, we also have powersellers who buy $50,000 worth at a time. We make sure there is a supplier for every budget, no matter how large or small."

SaleHoo also contains business information for Canadian sellers, including advice on importing, registering a LLC, tax and setting up an ecommerce site. "SaleHoo Canada supports our members with all aspects of creating a successful business - not just finding wholesalers," says Slade. SaleHoo member Andrew Fern agrees: "I've never found a website where staff and other members are so genuinely committed to helping each other out before," he says. "You can ask any question about your business and within a few hours it will be answered by another member or SaleHoo staff. I've found this help has made it a lot easier to put in the hours necessary to get my business going and make money."

Members can choose to search exclusively for Canadian suppliers in the SaleHoo directory simply by typing 'Canada' in to the search box, or by searching for a product and then sorting the suppliers by country.

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