Invent-Tech on the Road to Success with New Automotive Inventions

June 05, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Since it is said that America is the melting pot for different races, creeds, colors, and religions, the same could be said for Invent-Tech being a melting pot for marketing and promoting a multitude of new inventions in a variety of different industries. As the wheels of brainstorming and idea making continues to turn, Invent-Tech continues to make great strides in marketing new inventions from our long list of clients, or Inventors as we like to call them, from across our great nation and around the world. Invention ideas for the Transportation industry seem to be making a strong impact in the marketplace these days.

In response to this popular niche in the marketplace, a sharp young man from Salisbury, Maryland named Nick P. has developed a new accessory thatís sure to be a hit amongst car enthusiasts. The Esrever Rims have been cleverly designed by Nick to accomplish something different than that of conventional spinning rims. Proprietary features enable this product to stand out amongst other products of its kind by incorporating something a bit more unusual. Esrever Rims will definitely impress automobile aficionados.

Daniel C. is an EMT who sees many disputes and accidents on the street. This is why the Brick, New Jersey resident developed a product called the Car Recorder to eliminate confusion during traffic-related incidents. This ingenious product documents ongoing events within the confines of a vehicle. The device is used to combat law enforcement officers that abuse their power during a routine stop, intervene in wrongful hit and runs, determine traffic disputes and assist with eliminating vehicle theft. With correct application, the Car Recorder can lower car insurance rates, granting households an economical advantage. Without a doubt, the consumer market will truly marvel over this ingenious accessory.

For automobile drivers, the possibility of making parallel parking an easier task is something we all have longed for. We've all been in situations where the only available parking spot is the parallel one. For some it's no sweat, for others it is an arduous and uncomfortable situation, which takes extra time and great effort. At last someone has come up with an ingenious, yet simple solution. Akram A., from San Lorenzo, California has conceived Parallel Tires. This concept is so revolutionary, yet so elementary in nature. Proprietary features of Parallel Tires enable even the most inexperienced drivers to Parallel Park effortlessly. It is ideal for busy streets in the city, parking lots or anywhere this type parking would lend itself too.
Tom O. is a mechanic from Alberta, Canada. He is always looking for ways to make engines run better, and back in 1980 conceived the idea for an improved Spark Plug. This clever accessory is designed to save consumers gas and add more power to their engines. The Spark Plug lasts longer and is ideal for high performance engines. Additionally, it is easy to install and affordably priced, making it appealing to drivers everywhere. The Spark Plug is ideal for any make and model vehicle.

When changing the oil in your car, making a mess is sometimes inevitable. Stephen R. from Ponder, Texas, and his brother-in-law Joe F., from Lewisville, Texas, conceived the idea for the Universal Oil Filler after constantly encountering the same problem. This clever new auto product prevents oil spills when working on your vehicle. It effectively works on any make or model car and is simple to use. Additionally, the Universal Oil Filler is affordably priced and ideal for drivers and mechanics everywhere.

These original ideas are now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, in many different and diverse industries. These Inventors are hoping to have their products and ideas in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
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