Leadsourcer Announces Newest Release to Fight Fraud and Lower Lead Costs

June 06, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
OVERLAND PARK, KS – Clickspeed Marketing (www.clickspeed.com), an Agency specializing in Interactive Marketing and Lead Management, today announced the release of Leadsourcer(SM) 3.0 (www.leadsourcer.com) that will change the lead generation industry.

Matt Kirk, Founder and CEO of Clickspeed Marketing noted, “Our customers have expressed increasing concerns about the rising costs of finding and acquiring new customers. They have asked us to come up with a solution that will minimize fraud, allow them greater real-time quality control measures while maintaining the highest level of data security. And of course it must be both affordable and flexible.”

Enter Leadsourcer(SM). Launched in 2002, the customer base has doubled in size each year since inception. During this same time, lead generation costs have risen by as much as 640% on the pay-per-click search engines. Using cutting edge proprietary technology to reduce costs, Leadsourcer(SM) provides thousands of real-time leads in different vertical markets, to include Payday Loan Leads, Mortgage Leads, Debt Consolidation Leads, and more.

Leadsourcer(SM) is a hosted lead management solution that allows companies to select and receive leads from Clickspeed’s extensive affiliate network in real-time while providing an extremely high degree of quality control. Buyers can select exclusive leads that only meet their specific criteria. Additional features include a robust platform of on-demand reports, analytics, and a user interface that is designed to provide call centers maximum conversion. Additionally, Clickspeed offers consultation based on their extensive knowledge of industry best practices, as well as call center solutions to clients who need additional capacity but are unable to handle additional traffic volume internally.

Leadsourcer(SM) 3.0 will add increased functionality that will incorporate real-time fraud detection algorithms, data integration to more platforms, increased user controls, and additional security measures to ensure data security.

“We understand that when it comes to lead generation and lead management, everything relates back to effective customer acquisition cost. We have proven that we can lower this metric for our clients, and this is where we provide real value,” Kirk remarks.

For more information on Leadsourcer(SM) and how it can help maximize your marketing budget and increase your lead flow, contact them online at www.leadsourcer.com or call toll free (866) 605-LEAD.