E85 ethanol use will get 40% to 50% less mileage per tank. Myth Busted!

August 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MYTH: E85 ethanol use will get 40% to 50% less mileage per tank.
FACT: This myth stems from the first FlexFuel vehicles that GM and Ford introduced. The FlexFuel systems were poorly designed and vehicle owners reported horrendous mileage. Some vehicles had severe electrical problems and were bought back by the manufacturers. Some of the vehicles were recalled and a new software program was loaded onto a vehicle’s computer which does better job at FlexFuel management. Several companies in Brazil perfected the technology to convert vehicles along with minimal fuel loss. Taking notes from these companies, the US automakers are now building vehicles that get good mileage when running E85.

There are also some conversion kits out there that are poorly made and may cause extremely poor fuel economy. These kits will never be able to be EPA compliant, yet they continue to sell on the market. Many conversion companies have gone out of business. The Full Flex Gold E85 Conversion Kit has reported a maximum of 15% reduction in fuel economy in low compression engines. High compression engines like sports cars and turbocharged engines are reporting 3% - 5% reduction in fuel economy.

So there have been some cases in the past where a vehicle did get terrible mileage when running E85. For the most part, the automakers have corrected the problems. E85 conversion kits from Brazil with 10 or 20 year track records are a safe bet since they perfected this technology long ago.

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http://www.change2e85.com is an official distributor and reseller of Full Flex Gold E85 conversion kits from Full Flex International. Full Flex Gold E85 ethanol converter kits work on nearly any fuel injected vehicle. It’s easy to install and operate. It is “plug and play” technology that will let a vehicle run on all gasoline, all ethanol, or a combination of both like E85.

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E85 is cheaper, cleaner and is made in America. Ethanol is made from corn, other crops and even waste beer. Brazil has cut their foreign fuel dependence through sugar cane being distilled into ethanol. Brazil has been using these kits to convert their vehicles for 20 years now and over 40,000 Full Flex Gold FlexFuel converters have been sold all over the world. The converter kits are safe and the use of ethanol will not harm a standard vehicle. Don’t put E85 into your vehicle if it has not been converted. Your vehicle will not know how to properly use it which may create some issues or cause engine damage with extended use. The Full Flex Gold tells your engine how to properly detonate ethanol and creates a seamless Flex Fuel experience.

Full Flex Gold is the only E85 ethanol conversion kit that is EPA compliant. This means that it meets or exceeds the EPA’s guidelines for emissions and fuel economy out of a converted vehicle. It is also the only certified converter in Brazil.

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