Student Overcomes Amazing Obstacles

August 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
In Her Own Words Student Overcomes Amazing Obstacles Oklahoma City – Education is not easy. Most of us don’t have trust funds or rich parents to support us through college. Most of us have to work our way through school, studying at night and sacrificing uncounted pleasures in pursuit of our dreams. Life isn’t always fair, and some of us have to overcome nearly impossible challenges in order to find success.

This is the story of Tracina Pratcher, a Heritage College X-Ray Medical TechnicianSM graduate, whose story inspires us all. In her own words:
“When I started at Heritage, I was a single mother, living on public assistance, and determined to make a better life for my children. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but nothing could have prepared me for the challenges I would face.”

“While I was in school, three members of my family passed away, leaving me heartsick and bereft. Then my daughter became seriously ill with a blood infection. I was overwhelmed. I almost quit, but I knew that education was the only way to improve my life. When my car died, I begged rides from people and always found a way to get to class. When I was broke, I economized and scrimped and saved and sacrificed. When my daughter got sick, I studied in her hospital room while she slept. NOTHING was going to stop me. Every time I looked at my daughter's face, I knew I had to give her a better life. I had to fight.”

“When I faced academic challenges, I asked the people at Heritage for help, and they always found ways to help me understand the material and pass my classes. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kelly Beaty, Janet McCausey, and Cheryl Morris who made all the difference in my success. I am deeply grateful for their encouragement and guidance.”

“The education I got at Heritage made me strong in the job market. I got hired at my very first interview, and now I have a wonderful job at a Doctor's office. I bought a new car, and I'm buying my very first house. Let me tell you one thing: If you set your mind on a goal and hold to your faith and you never allow yourself to quit, you can accomplish anything!"

The Heritage family takes tremendous pride in the accomplishments of our students and graduates and we want to thank Tracina for sharing her inspiring story with us.
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