Taking the Workout to the Streets with Street Workout.Com

August 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Street Workout is a new health and fitness exercise video site dedicated to bodyweight workouts and exercises that can be utilized anywhere, from a local park to even an ordinary backyard. These videos intend to educate, and create an understanding that fitness doesn't have to take place in a gym, and doesn't always have to cost money. Street Workout's philosophy
is that fitness is a state of mind, and once that is understood, it can be achieved anywhere and at any time. Free hand exercises or bodyweight workouts are really the origins to bodybuilding. All muscle development starts at a bodyweight level and then advances to greater weights. Natural human body development dictates that we master our own weight before going heavier as children. But it seems as adults we abandon this free and easy way of staying fit and proportional to our bodyweight.

The website itself is catagorized by body part and by specialized techniques not often covered on other websites. Many of the videos are very hardcore in there approach to fitness, so some of the content is geared to the more experienced athlete, but most can be done on some level by your average person starting their quest for better body fitness. After all, who doesn't remember doing pushups in P.E. classes in high school. The most interesting aspect of the site is that the videos are actually really entertaining to see. Even if you can't incoprporate thoses exercises into your fitness lifestyle, the viral workout videos are fun to watch. However, they do educate as well, giving you full bodyweight workout regimens that can be done in your home with no wieghts. This is great news for the average person, no barbells or dumbells to puchase, and no gym memberships needed to gain good health. That aspect alone will appeal to many people that have ignored their fitness and have ended up in carmel cake ruts. The site also offers good pricing on it's body building supplements and good links to articles and other fitness information. With the health and fitness industry filling the internet with mountains of info-sites, this website will stick out because of it's interesting content. Viral video is the wave of today and thats exactly what you get there. Easy to view, quick, convenient, entertaining videos, that educate at the same time.

Visit at www.streetworkout.com