Moore Unique™ announces a new line of skin care products created by a world-renowned dermatologist at prices you can afford

August 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Moore Unique™ products are ‘unique’ in that the creator, Dr. Milton Moore, of Houston, Texas, utilized his vast background in both pharmaceuticals and dermatology to create skin care products that combine the strength of pharmaceuticals with his experience in dermatology. The result is a line of superior, yet affordable, skin care products that are sold in local stores without a prescription, or purchased on-line at

Who hasn’t had a problem with razor bumps or a rash from shaving at some point in their life? Men can suffer on a daily basis with facial shaving, and women especially now during the hot, summer months when they are constantly shaving their legs and bikini area. Whether male or female, Moore Unique™ products have been successfully treating this particular problem for years.

Now, in addition to the successful line of products providing solutions for razor bumps and rashes, Moore Unique™ has expanded their product line to include fifteen new personal care products for skin and hair. Dr. Milton Moore’s products are truly unique in that he has been able to combine his talents as both a Dermatologist and a Pharmacist to produce products that specifically target and treat skin or hair problems.

It is the combination of over twenty years experience as a Doctor in Dermatology, dealing with patients whose lives had been adversely affected by the agony and embarrassment of skin problems, together with the wealth of knowledge gained as a Pharmacist in understanding the benefits of using prescription drugs as a course of treatment, that has culminated in the creation of skin care products that are far superior to most over-the counter solutions available today. Dr. Moore’s ambition was to create a line of superior products that would be both affordable and convenient to obtain. He has managed to accomplish this by making them available at local stores — thus eliminating, in many cases, the need to obtain a prescription through a licensed physician, or having to purchase through expensive spas or boutiques.

“We are excited about the tremendous expansion of Moore Unique™ and will continue to develop cutting-edge products using our concept of combining unique ingredients with a background in dermatology to give consumers the most effective treatment for hair and skin care issues,” said Dr. Milton Moore. “Our goal is to expand our product line into other beauty and personal care items and make them available to the masses at an affordable price,” he added. Details about each individual product are available on the web site at

In addition to already being available at over 3,000 Walgreens stores and select grocery stores, the Company recently signed an agreement with Wal-Mart that will allow Moore Unique™ to distribute this excellent line of hair and skin products through over 800 Wal-Mart outlets nationwide.