Grasswhispers provides instant feedback facility for Internal Communicators

August 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
London, 4 August 2007. Grasswhispers, the voice broadcast company which uses mobile phones to let organisations engage with all their people instantly, simultaneously, effectively and cheaply, has launched Touchback™.

Using Touchback™, Internal Communications (IC) professionals can receive immediate feedback from their audience, canvass opinion as well as engage their people on developments within the organisation.

The Touchback™ facility is operated by including a specific question within a voice broadcast, which asks receivers to press a number on their phone that corresponds to their views. IC Departments and senior management can see the results on their computer screens as they come in.

“Developing new ways to keep any organisation’s people engaged is critical for long term success. Voice broadcasting is one of the options available and at Grasswhispers we offer the added advantage of allowing companies to create instant two-way communication through TouchBack™,” said Martin Loat, director at Grasswhispers.

Research carried out by Grasswhispers shows that approximately 30 per cent of a company’s workforce will take a voice broadcast call live and express their opinion through TouchBack™. People who do not accept the call at the moment it is made can retrieve it latter through their voicemail but only those who listen to the call when it is made can use the TouchBack™ facility.

Applications for the service have included monitoring reaction among clients to new advertising campaigns through their conversations with employees, providing updated news on products and stock levels to staff across the country and organising social events.

For further information and a demonstration of the services available visit or email Grasswhispers, the voice broadcast company can also be contacted on 020 7437 3363.