Ideastone Launches Fleabay Into Open Beta

August 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Lincoln, NE (August 4, 2007) Ideastone, a new tech startup, today announced the beginning of the open beta testing of its first major project, Fleabay. Fleabay is a brand new web 2.0 auction-sharing community where people share interesting auctions that they find on eBay with each other.

"This a very exciting day for us." said Brian Knapp, president and founder of Ideastone LLC. "We have worked very hard to get Fleabay ready for the world and we can't wait to see what people think of it. Thus far the response from our limited testing group has been overwhelmingly positive."

The original idea behind Fleabay was to create a community where people could share interesting auctions that they found on eBay. Now that idea has come to fruition. When asked about what Fleabay is, Brian had this to say, "What do Bob Barker's microphone, Jessica Simpson's boots, uncut Iraqi money, and a mystery box being hauled across the U.S. have in common? They're all weird and interesting eBay auctions that have already been shared on Fleabay. People sell the strangest things on eBay and it never ceases to amaze me how interesting Fleabay listings have become. eBay buyers are going to love Fleabay."

However, Fleabay isn't just for buyers. It's for people who sell on eBay as well. It costs nothing for a seller to post their eBay auction to Fleabay. In fact, Brian encourages it, "We hope sellers see the value in the free advertising Fleabay can provide. Already sellers utilizing Fleabay are seeing increased sales and the bigger our site gets the better it will be for sellers. It doesn't take much time to list you eBay auction and it's totally free to do it, so I don't know why sellers wouldn't. It's a great opportunity for sellers."

Fleabay's open beta should last throughout the year as Ideastone continues adding new features and fixes. It is open to everyone who goes to To learn more about Fleabay, please visit

About Ideastone

Ideastone LLC, the company behind Fleabay, is a small tech startup founded this year by Brian Knapp. The company was created by Brian as a new kind of business. The business was founded on the principles of creativity, morality, and ethical responsibility. The goal of Ideastone is to take really good ideas and make them real, but to do so in a moral and ethically responsible way. Fleabay is the first product built upon the Ideastone principles.