Building maintenance company uses vehicle tracking system and saves up to £200,000 in just 24 months!

August 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system, which is fitted to 33 transit vans operated by the company, has reportedly saved over £1k per week in over-claimed overtime, 3 hours per day in unnecessary travel and has successfully pushed productivity through the roof.

“We’d looked at a few vehicle tracking systems and even had a vehicle tracking system installed for a short while, but that was a waste of time and proved to be worse than useless,” said Lee McKenzie, Director of Wright Build. “We reinvestigated the vehicle tracking systems available on the market and found that the Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system was a world apart from the rest. It is intuitive, accurate and most importantly – it works!”

Wright Build works mainly with local authorities and housing associations and needs to be accountable for all of the work carried out by the 95 engineers it employs.

“We knew there was additional overtime being booked and that vehicles were being used for private mileage, which concerned us greatly as we couldn’t actually prove it. Following the installation of the Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system we were able to pick up and correct these issues, but thanks to the vehicle tracking management reports produced by the vehicle tracking system, we also saw some inefficiencies in the way our van fleet operated – an aspect that would have been impossible to see if not for the clarity of the vehicle tracking system.

“We’ve managed to shave off around 3 hours per day of unnecessary travel, and as a result, our productivity has greatly increased.”

Lee’s team encountered many situations where they needed to react quickly to a call, such as finding a specific part that is needed to complete a job. The engineer would return to base to pick up or order the part. Now, the company uses the Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system to track it’s engineers and contacts those that are in close proximity to enquire if they are carrying the part and a quick exchange can be made.

“The vehicle tracking system is highly useful in proving that we’ve been in a location at an agreed time. There are times that a tenant will dispute that our engineer had been at a planned call, but they can’t argue against the Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system ‘time at location’ report produced by the vehicle tracking system. We provide dates and times to our clients when this situation arises.”

“The Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system is a common sense business tool that is saving us lots of money. It’s safe to say that it pays for itself many times over,” concluded Lee.

The Remote Asset Management vehicle tracking system is reportedly saving UK industry many millions of pounds each year and has become a major player in the telematics market since its inception just three years ago.

Martin Davies, Director of, said: “Our vehicle tracking system has been tried and tested by hundreds of businesses across the UK and – without fail – it has produced the results that we actively promote.”