Cure Your Golf Slice Quickly

August 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
SCOTTSDALE, AZ – PurePoint Golf, Inc, a leader in golf instruction in Arizona, has drawn a line in the golf swing training sand, refusing to tell golfers how to fix a slice – the most common and most talked about mishit in golf. Instead the company is releasing a training video that is focused on making golfers hit the ball so that it bends to the left.

It’s called a draw, and it turns out it can do more than just fix that slice. The against-the-grain approach was announced by PurePoint Golf’s President David Nevogt as the company is about to release the Draw DVD on May 8. Mr. Nevogt commented, “almost all golf instruction available in the marketplace focuses on how not to hit the ball wrong. It just seems so simple that a company focuses with golfers on how to do right – and the draw is right.”
According to PurePoint Golf the Draw DVD is a golf swing training video developed to provide novice and experienced golfers with the knowledge to hit the ball further and more consistently. Hitting a draw provides more control than hitting it straight, it provides a slight topspin for more distance, and you’ll notice that every pro on the PGA Tour hits it that way.

Merely focusing on how to fix a slice only gets you to fix a problem. And that’s what most advice out there helps you to do. But why not do more than just fix the problem? Why not focus on adding more distance, adding more control, and fixing the problem in the process, added Nevogt.

PurePoint Golf is a golf instruction company with over 30 years of golf swing training experience. Their products come from knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of golf instruction by head pro Bobby Eldridge and are based on real time spent one-on-one with golfers, capturing the most relevant aspects of golf in a variety of products, namely golf swing training DVDs. They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona and their products are available to everyone at

“The Draw DVD will help golfers hit more fairways and more greens,” said Mr. Nevogt. He then laughed slightly and followed it up with, “and yes, I have to admit, it will fix their slice too.”

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