3 ways to fight heart disease naturally without dangerous statins.

August 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Delray Beach, FL - August 6, 2007 - High cholesterol leads to heart disease, right? Wrong, according to Total Health Breakthroughs’, Shane Ellison.

“Heart disease is not a disease of high cholesterol. If cholesterol were the culprit, this ubiquitous substance would clog up the entire 100,000 miles of adult veins, arteries and capillaries. Instead, 90 percent of heart disease cases are caused by the narrowing of the spaghetti-sized coronary arteries,” states Ellison.

He adds, “Yet the medical system pushes cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins as the answer to a nonexistent problem-even though the treatment can be worse than the disease.”
As a former drug chemist, Ellison (who is also known as “the People’s Chemist”) saw first-hand how drug side effects are hidden from patients and doctors by Big Pharma.

Science has made great strides in identifying the true cause of heart disease: inflammation. Inflammation leading to heart disease is typically the result of nutritional deficiencies and poor lifestyle habits.

A wildly effective way to prevent inflammation is to increase sensitivity to the fat-storing hormone known as insulin. Aside from cinnamon, exposure to sunlight and drinking green tea, other methods of increasing insulin sensitivity exist:

1. Interval training is among the best techniques for increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering inflammation.
2. Nutritional supplementation with magnesium also increases insulin sensitivity.
3. Tannic acid from the banaba leaf mimics the actions of insulin by eliciting glucose transport from the blood stream into muscle.

Ellison concludes, “Instead of dosing patients up with a handful of drugs to treat a handful of diseases, increasing insulin sensitivity is one remedy for all three - and allows us to avoid the hidden dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs!”

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