Football Sports Glove Invention

August 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
August 7, 2007 - Brentwood’s very own Stephen Iacullo has invented a new football glove that could revolutionize the NFL and College football as we speak. It is particularly designed for wide receivers so that they can catch a football at high velocities in any weather condition, especially in snow or rain. These gloves look to be the ground work that can revolutionize the glove industry as previous football gloves have been quite primitive in the past. Mr. Iacullo has forecasted the future for football sports and is improving the groundwork for a more exciting game of football.

“The gloves are revolutionary for the football industry as they are the Mercedes Benz of football gloves – they do everything. Current football gloves are primitive and actually hinder a player’s capability to handle footballs that are thrown with high velocities or in unfavorable weather conditions.”
On March 9, 2006, Mr. Iacullo applied for a patent for these innovative gloves and is currently looking at investors and manufacturers for sporting gloves. Mr. Iacullo’s gloves have mini-finlike scales and rubber bending creases that enable even the fastest ball to be thrown to be caught. Mr. Iacullo stated, “I saw way too many footballs being dropped that should have been caught. I don’t think it is the catching ability of the player, but as the arms of quarterbacks are getting stronger, new glove technology needs to infiltrate the College and the NFL markets.”

Why football gloves? “I have written other patent applications, but football needs renovation in the catching department.” Mr. Iacullo has over 20 year researching soccer goal keeper gloves wanted to improve the gloves for our NFL and College markets. “I played soccer all of my life and as a goalkeeper for a collegiate Division One team in the late 80s, which the technology was still more advanced than football today. The bottom line with catching 80-90 mile an hour soccer balls - you had to catch them. Soccer goalkeeping gloves are a multi million dollar industry in Europe and new technology comes out every year.”

Mr. Iacullo stated that the similarities between goalkeepers in Europe for Division One teams and NFL wide receivers are strikingly the same. “You train hours and hours to catch any type of ball, in both sports. However, the bottom line is this - catching a soccer ball wins World Cups and catching footballs wins Super Bowls. You have to be prepared with the most up-to-date technology to excel.”

Mr. Iacullo states that with the patent pending on these gloves the company that owns the gloves can produce them with the patent pending label on them. “This will revolutionize the football and soccer worlds,” stated Mr. Iacullo.
Prospective investors or manufactures may contact Mr. Iacullo at International Research and Development, 925-207-3627, or email Mr. Iacullo at